I could hear this guy talk about anything and never get bored.
Video Rating: 4/5

25 thoughts on “Stephen Fry on Social Media pt1

  1. gravitybongo says:

    I agree to take posh accent and there’s not much substance there in everything he says and does. Or at least nothing that your daily average person could not say or do.

  2. Davy Franck says:

    Maybe you should learn how to construct a sentence using the correct syntax free from the many dangling participles in your post, then you can guarantee criticized a genius like Mr. Fry. Semantics is not the measure of intelligence, so I’m going to leave my criticism of the complete nonsense you at that entsandte.Was is important is the deep cognitive skills and critical thinking have while conveying these ideas with brilliant eloquence, the widespread with Mr. Fry and missing in you.

  3. Bastiat90 says:

    Pale imitation of Oscar Wilde, unfortunately. He is not nearly as talented as the media suggests consensus. Have any of you actually read novels? The liar is particularly bad. He is capable of dishing out criticism, but when you do someone who dared criticize him on Twitter, he threatened to leave the place like a petulant child. A few bad reviews, and he tried to commit suicide! Fry is a stupid person’s idea of ​​what an intelligent person sounds. Too much in love with his own voice

  4. LeftyHandedGuns says:

    I want something that I thought was pretty obvious to make it clear here: I defend a principle – one for which you have no respect. … Uh, I’m done here.

  5. LeftyHandedGuns says:

    So far, your own ass, really. Just off the back of people. You are here watch this video and you can not seem to get the point. Just because you know someone does not point A, you think you are somehow superior. There is a huge chance that you do not know, knows a lot of things that other person.

  6. bersa888 says:

    What Fry says towards the end of this first part is very true, and it is for humans, the evolutionary tendency toward risk-taking, all seen through the story, even if a great sacrifice, related meaning in the forms of time, resources, or even lives. A good example is the risk (see Japan) the maintenance of a thermonuclear reactor for energy purposes.

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