www.lockergnome.com Are you in favor convenience over speed and reliability? If it matters, you can not beat a piece of copper runs between your devices.
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live.pirillo.com – I need you all to talk about your response to this question, which I think in an e-mail, “What would be a fundamental principle of any social networking community for maintaining its integrity to the have to have people that catch on with this site. ” To me … The answer is simple.

34 thoughts on “Wired Vs. Wireless Networking

  1. kevinoo5 says:

    No.1, it is not radiation, it is very little power (radio waves) travel through the air. No.2 mobile phones do not emit enough radiation to harm someone (it would take 1,000 years, equivalent to 100 times the amount of RFI radiation that we are in). No3. Radiation is not as bad as everyone thinks it is. Your body can survive 4,000 x the normal level for an hour. No4. RFI radiation can not really do harm to others.

  2. xpossed355 says:

    The only problem with wireless networks is the radiation that goes through your head. It is the same with phones, but I do not think the average person knows this Probleme.Ich’m young, so if I’m wrong please correct me but I am not wireless bad for you? and what are the short-and long-term effects, if any

  3. norbert mactavish says:

    if u have problems with your wireless connection, and you have many computers in WiFi. u You can change your radio channel on your router settings 🙂

  4. joshuavdv says:

    I powerline in the house, my only plugged in directly to the Wandi did not notice difference between the wall and a power adapter / splitter, do not know how to call it ..

  5. TheWhiteNationalist says:

    Virb. com does everything I ever wanted to do a social network to minus domains. It destroyed myspace and facebook in my personal opinion. I know it is much better than MySpace for bands and is better for the people than Facebook. I frickin ‘HATE facebook!

  6. markcruiser64 says:

    You must be easy to use, and easy page loads. The legal stuff is not so important for the average user. The interface must be easy to understand. Not too busy. Facebook is an example of an animated interface.

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