In the early morning of 26 September 2012 to try the “late night” Player of Uther decided Galleon, the World Boss kill in the Valley of the Four Winds. Although we knew that death is imminent! Our group of 39 players succeeded, cause 40 million loss before he killed our entire raid. Players ranging from levels 86-90. We had 5 tanks and 5 healers. No armored level 90th It was at 1.00 clock when we got so we know who we might be tempted! Everyone in the group had a really good attitude about it and we would rather die trying to not even try it! He has at least one mount drop! After wowhead, we were among the many servers that tried to get the kill on the first breeding! Thanks to all who helped! Hopefully, we will try again and succeed in a few days when we all 90 and better aligned 🙂 Music: Aoki Tornado (Kill the Noise Remix) ft. Polina by Tiësto & Steve
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