this time at the fair, their games on the Nexus 7, and we’ll show you how to get up and running with a Playstation 3 controller on Android via Bluetooth. Then Darren gets your local web server in minutes online with a free reverse proxy tool – no longer called port forwarding, no dynamic DNS, firewall configs no longer! Plus, accidentally breaking into Facebook? We explain how a viewer backups resulted in an unintended side effects jacking attack! All this and much more!
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Remembering “P4FTools Sharqi [NO SHOTGUNS]” It was the first server to always run active statstracking, it’s pretty much like the “test environment” for all the things we acted now on so no tools or tool used functional server (s). It was hosted by Multiplay and gave us a hard time, loved his last days by constant excistance Laggs of which we do not yet know, be the cause. (And probably never do) The server has been fully payd of Sforek. all the time, on his own size Enjoy the last gameplay movie from this server where recorded 9/20/2012, and do not forget to check out our “Donate get 2 € on all our servers VIP” system, we can (hopefully) a new server and let it run again Sharqi. Donate here:
Video Rating: 5/5

36 thoughts on “Gaming on the Nexus 7 with a PS3 controller via Bluetooth and reverse proxy Web server 1208.3

  1. subsystems says:

    I was setting up a web server years ago and ran into a problem with maintaining the visitor’s IP to obtain than a different level and the validation of the browser session state. Services such as AOL etc use gateways with multiple IPs and from page to page, the browser will report to a different IP address. Also 2 or more browser sessions can be open an issue by the user on the same site. The same problem in the use of the browser could occur as IP layer security. Heads up.

  2. SdUdExDo says:

    Facebook has really awesome security if you go deep into the settings menu where you need to authenticate each application with a code. And you can monitor each session.

  3. Lyecdevf says:

    The best part of today’s show was the T-shirt, but when I thought it was all over, he said: “I am not African either.” More qulaqity productions brought to you by Hak5!

  4. VideoNewZ9 says:

    From facebooks developers facebook authentication page taken there blogging please note: On 5 December 2012, removed the offline_access permission. If a new application, you should not use this permission. Instead, please check the disapproval of Offline Access Permission document, how to start with access token, valid for up to 60 days are declared.

  5. willmccoy says:

    For those who say that the title is misleading. It is not if you read the whole thing. At the end of this video has 1208.3. Meaning this is part 3 of episode 1208th

  6. Jamieduk999 says:

    the server side, you should know if there’s multiple logins at the same time so if your online on PC A and try to sign in on the computer B at the same time, there should be a de auth or self-destruction cookie on pc B, the user have to make his re-enter the password again ignored all the cookies to a successful login from the account in question. while pc A remains unchanged! This could be work, because it validates server side say how the other utuber is wanted.

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