Google first production server at Computer History Museum Here’s the description showed along with the system. — First Google Production Server Google, Inc., United States With limited funds, Google founders Lary Page and Sergey Brin initially deployed this system of inexpensive, interconnected PCs to procss many thousands of search requests per second from Google users. This hardware system reflected the Google search algorithm itself, which is based on tolerating multiple computer failures and optimizing around them. This production server was one of about thirty such racks in the first Google data center. Even though many of the installed PCs never worked and were difficult to repair, these racks provided Google with its first large-scale computing system and allowed the company to grow quickly and at minimal cost. — And, you can find the photos on the Flickr below. Sorry for the low quality 🙁

This is it. War of the servers, the complete movie, right here right now. Also, to Lit Fuse Films, I just want to say that the whole Stuff Inc. deal is to show that my company is hosting the movie on youtube, nothing more! All credit goes to Robert Stoneman, Lit Fuse Films, and the rest of the crew who made this video. I TAKE NO CREDIT! Update: Also, I’m leaving the episode versions of the movie for the sake of those with slower speeds or lower bandwidths, etc.
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50 thoughts on “Google First Production Server @Computer History Museum

  1. york2600 says:

    @zozanday This really wouldn’t have been insanely expensive for a production system. Mobo, 2 Xeon CPUs, RAM, 2 desktop class HDs, and a PSU.  It wouldn’t be much at all

  2. zozanday says:

    those lads must of been Minited from the begining LOL, back in 1999 those speciffcations wasn’t cheap Believe me, i counted 21 racks Pentium 2s, and Gods knows how much other parts would of costed, i’d says 5 digits easy

  3. marioschwarzz1 says:

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  4. src438 says:

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  5. reksub10 says:

    why didnt anyone build a remover nuke and remove the mingers? im a computer dunce mind you so dont slag me ,,well slag me if you want but i dont get this mod stuff

  6. reksub10 says:

    @227bountyhunter theres a chance it could be called thunder child .but i could be wromg …it is definately a theme wrote by jeff wayne for the origanal war of the worlds sound track,,just search for “war of the worlds sound track” and youll get it ,they speach at the start was a spin on the speach at the start of the war of the worlds aswell

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