How to convert physical servers into virtual servers and piping ’em right into your ESXi box. Details on using the VMware Converter to save power, money and more. Plus how to install Linux Apache Tomcat with some Java and bash lovin’.
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IBM X3400 Server

Today we were given two IBM servers, one big crazy server, and a “Mini” server, we could be using the system x3400 (Big server) as our main server, i call the System X3400 a “Super Computer” because it has 3GB of DDR2 RAM @800MHz, 2x Intel Xeon 2.00GHz dual core processors, resulting in 8GHz total cpu power, and 4x 150GB 15000RPM sata HDDs in Raid mode (Total Capacity 587GB) The System x3200 is for messing around with, as you can see in this video, it has an Intel Xeon dual core (1 physical cpu) @1.8GHz, which would still out-perform a core i3 today!

34 thoughts on “Hak5 – How to Virtualize Your Physical Servers

  1. SysAdmin86851 says:

    More virtualization goody goodness 😉
    …. ahhh …. I was starting to go through withdrawls, needed another pop of vm goodness ! 😉

    U guys should do m0R3 on encryption,
    w/ GNU PGP and Enigmail … yeah
    PGP is like a drug !

  2. jay3fox says:

    I was under the impression that if it had 2 Dual Core CPU’s then it will still be running at 2.00 GHZ but it will have 4 cores to play with, it wont boost the speed to 8GHZ

  3. Dell0304 says:

    Just because your the CPUs are dual-core, doesn’t mean that they double the clock speed per core.. For example. A 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo has 2 cores, but that doesn’t mean that the speed is 4.4Ghz. It just doesn’t work that way. Both cores are running at 2.4Ghz. They don’t get added together, even if you have 2 physical processors.

  4. shortwavesam says:

    @maxmohit55 I’m not sure what servers are the best, but these IBM system x3400s are really powerful, and only $3700 when new, and yes, we use exchange for messaging

  5. Lachlant1984 says:

    Wow, that first server was really loud at startup, I didn’t much like the noise it made as it booted up, I also heard quite a few noises that sounded to me like a floppy disk drive in the first server, is that what I was hearing, or was it something else?

  6. GMSamuelRhine says:

    oh thats sexy, i was looking at getting one on amazon, i found a decent one for about $150 with dual 2.8GHz xeons, only takes IDE drives and has currently 2gb RAM but i can deck the ram out to around 48GB not sure what the max is than get around 1TB of space with the 3 slots, not too good but worth it for the price

  7. maxmohit55 says:

    Dell poweredge are better servers as compare to IBM servers? What I personally feel is that IBM hardware design is quite basis! If we compare IBM with HP,DELL, SUN or Fujitsu then IBM servers stands on last step.

    I had worked X226 series tower based servers they were ok as compare to Dell and HP servers. IBM still making its tower server like a desktop machines.

    Are you going to use exchange for messaging?

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