How To Make A MineCraft 1.0.1 Bukkit Server

Leave Annatations On For Extra Help if Needed. Please Subscribe And Like This Video! Favorites And Shares Help Me Too! — Required — (MUST DOWNLOAD ALL THESE!) JRE 7 (Java Runtime Enviroment 7): Newest Bukkit .Jar File: (To download the latest .jar file, Click the link above and download The Last Successful Artifacts) Main Files (MediaFire Download): — Text Instructions — 1. Find your operation system bit by following the instructions in “How To See What Bit Your On” And find your bit 2. Go into the folder with your operating system bit labeled on it (32-Bit or 64-Bit) 3. Download [Select Your Bit First, 64-Bit users do x64, x32 Bit users do x86 (Offline)] 4. Goto and download the one under “Last Successful Artifacts” 5. Place the downloaded .Jar file in your bit folder (32-Bit OR 64-Bit folders) 6. Right Click The Run File and edit the “JAR NAME” to the name of the Jar file you downloaded. (Make Sure .jar Is On The End) 7. Run the Run.Bat 8. Port Forward Port 25565 (Too Many Steps To Explain. Look up a video) i) You may use hamachi instead 9. Visit And find the IP Address you give your friends! i) If you are using hamachi give them the hamachi IP 10. You’re Done! — Other Things You May Need To Know — Like Our Facebook? http Follow Us On ? — FAQ — (VERY USEFUL! FIND YOUR PROBLEM AND SOLOUTION!) What Do You Use To Record? Fraps How Do I Find My Server IP Address? then copy the ip

25 thoughts on “How To Make A MineCraft 1.0.1 Bukkit Server

  1. skrillexm says:

    @MineCraftMilk i have a problem i have a video on my problem 2 here’s the link to the video plz tell me a soulution plz goto my channel and cheak out the video called whats wrong thx

  2. CraftTheMineable says:

    Yeah I tried this and it didn’t work so I went to delete the stuff of my computer and it says the file is in use so it won’t delete even though there is nothing open any solution for that?

  3. Sheepboy007onRS says:

    i have set up my server using hamachi which obviously means that no port forwarding is required but when my friends try to join it tells them “can’t connect to server” Please Help ! :D

  4. Ponyable111 says:

    Hey guys try this server called Fish-Craft ITs a PVP server on hamachi we are going to get a host as soon we have donators theres faction on it and u can grief each others only read the rules when u coming in the hamachi is
    Code to all the networks is:123

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