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3 thoughts on “HP 658553-001 ProLiant N40L Ultra Micro Tower Server System AMD Turion II Neo N40L 1.5GHz 2C 2GB (1 x 2GB) 1 x 250GB LFF SATA

  1. Benjamin Bryan says:

    Great VMWare ZFS NAS Server all in one. I bought this to use as a NAS / VMWare serverAlso got 8GB ECC memory which is the max this server supports, booting VMWare ESXi off a USB, then running OpenIndiana + Napp-It off of a SSD and then running ZFS on in RAID-Z1 (equivalent to RAID-5, I use RAID-Z instead of hardware RAID so I’m protected from the RAID-5 write hole and silent data corruption) across 3x2TB 7200RPM Seagate drives (also use part of the SSD is an L2ARC – a cache that keeps the most frequently accessed data on the SSD) which is shared back to VMWare as an NFS share so any other VM’s installed on the box can be backed by ZFS redundancy. I did raw device mapping for the three drives so that OpenIndiana has direct access to them. This means I could easily export and import the pool into another system.The Solaris version of Crashplan works very well on OI, to backup the entire zpool to a remote offsite location. It was a little tricky, Crashplan didn’t see my zpool folder at first but I…

  2. Marc Johnson says:

    LOVE this rock solid little baby! This is truly a great little server.I had far too many problems with my previous Windows Home Server (dedicated WHS Acer box with an Atom CPU): skipping videos, remote access issues, and other troubles like no direct VGA port to view what’s going on.The set-up was easy, adding RAM and a DVD drive were a total breeze. The new HP box booted up, I installed WHS, and haven’t had to think much about it since.I’m currently running with 14Tb (a PCI-E card + (2) 4-bay Sans Digital JBODs) and this box is quiet and runs cooler than the external drive boxes. I’ve experienced no problems with skipping, and that’s with the server also running other processes, like podcatching, u-torrent client, and TiVo trasnfer/recoding.Full disclosure – I work for HP, but in the printer division, so I bought this as a consumer. In all honesty, this server makes me proud to be an HP’er… it’s a well-designed, well-made, solid performer.

  3. vlim says:

    Great little server! Bought a previous generation one last year to run as a NAS for work, and I hadn’t had to even reboot it in months. So when it came time to buy one for home office, this was a logical choice.The dual-core processor won’t win any speed contests, but is more than adequate to run VMware ESXI 5.0. I have it running a real-time firewall/malware gateway software (eSoft’s virtual Instagate), and it still has plenty of power left over. Windows Home Server will be going on this thing next!Pros:Built-in RAID 0,1 supportExtra screws and allen wrench included in doorEasy hard drive installation and removalCompact, half-height mini towerSuper quiet. Put in some green hard drives and you won’t even know the machine is there.Runs VMware ESXi like a champ. No issues with installation.Cons:Wish it had RAID 5Compactness made it a little difficult to add extra Gigabit Ethernet card. The process requires unfastening…

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