HP ISS ML110G7 E3-1220 HP SATA US SvHP ML110 G7 E3-1220 HP SATA US Svr/S-Buy

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  1. Jim Goodman says:

    Amazing Server! Purchased this server for a vSphere 5 mini-dev environment and immediately fell in love with it.As a G7 with iLO3 HP has taken the next step to bringing this server into the Proliant fold. The new Support Pack for Proliant SPP)supports this server with Software and Firmware updates just like the traditional Proliant server line. To leverage the iLO3 you’ll need the iLO Advanced license to access the graphical console and virtual media features.It runs vSphere5 so well that I have a hard time understanding why it isn’t certified or at least supported by the HP ESXi bundle – Granted 16GB RAM ceiling and single processor is a good case to be duty cautious, but for light non-critical virtualization needs – a pair of these, a good iSCSI NFS NAS solution and you’d be set for test/dev or even light back office work.You’ll need to also get these if you are going to use off the shelf drives:…

  2. cpufox says:

    Best Server deal I have ever seen on Amazon Great bargain on an enterprise class server! HP Support and Warranty. It makes an awesome Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail) system as well (saw upd on hp site to support “headless”, no keyboard/VGA). Four hotplug drive bays, embedded B110A SATA RAID, but option to use HP’s awesome Smart Array P212 RAID. Micro ATX Tower (4U if you rack it). For any upgrade needs, pci Gen 2 slots, a x16, 2 more x8, and another x4. USB2.0 10 total (4 rear, 4 front panel, 2 internal (one for USB Tape connectivity)). HP had driver support for 64-bit OS (W2K8 R2, RHEL, SLES), 32bit W2008, and P212 fully supported, or even W2003, other 32bit OS, but without HP support. Even iLO3, option for Adv License with mobile app (iOS, Android). This is the Quad Core Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 (3.10GHz/4-core/8MB/80W, 1333, HT, Turbo 1/2/3/4) Processor “Sandy Bridge” with up to 16GB RAM.I work with HP servers alot and was very pleased to see this deal, and it’s now my new home server!hp com / go /…

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