My Home Server Room Update Again

i have recently got 2 more new server racks and have put a little order to them. Only got six of them to fit on the one side wall so the other one is sitting in my garage. Bought another ibm server because i really do like them and wanted to have a spare. Downfall was i had to add longer network cables and that really makes my fingers sore untwisting the wires and separating them to fit in the rj45 jacks for that many machines. my home server room and repair area. I have a total of 11 server racks with the ML series and DL series of hp servers and some misc ones i have built. I have 3 servers that are setup as an RIS server and WDS server. Two servers do video for my 25 security cameras around the house and others run web services and ftp services. Some are setup up with many hard drives that hold computer images for clients computers that i work on part time. One server also records my tv shows and sends them up to my television upstairs. My small network rack has 3 24 port switches that ties in with 4 other 16 port switches located in other parts of the house. I use 10 – 4 port belin kvms and 2- 8 port kvmsto reduce the number of keyboards mice and monitors needed. It adds about 2500.00 a year to my electric bill I guestimate. If you can afford the servers you can afford the electricity for those that keep asking.
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We build an amazing white box ESXi server for under 00! True virtualization, real power, and best of all, you don’t have to overpay HP, Dell, IBM or anyone else to put it together for you. Darren and Matt grab the company credit card and show you how to do it too.

50 thoughts on “My Home Server Room Update Again

  1. roberth214 says:

    @Hypertraxable´╗┐ you think cisco sucks? They make some of the best networking equipment around. Linksys products are usually the identical cicso counterparts…almost nothing is changed, if anything.

  2. ChmicalStudios says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 Nice setup, but honestly do you have to be an ass to people? Shit man, I’m sure he was just playing around with you. I’m sure´╗┐ you’ll live.

  3. RobTiff0818 says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 Sounds like you spent a lot of money on that. LCD monitors will´╗┐ help with power consumption – I’m guessing you have your servers on a battery backup, and those monitors will drain any UPS in minutes. Replace them with LCDs and it becomes a non-issue. Unless you don’t have the monitors on UPS, in which case, it becomes a little difficult to power down all of your servers if an extended outage occurs. Just my recommendation.

  4. adamsb33 says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 bob obviously does not know what he is talking about, which is why these people say this all the time on here, and probably has no experiences with server, life cycles, or how they work. Great setup! Much better than most server rooms i’ve been in myself.´╗┐

  5. TheAngryAmericanwon says:

    I have to say I am very impressed with this, I am looking to start making my own server room as well but with a few less servers. I don’t need the biggest! I have to say does this increase your internet speed??´╗┐ anyways, nice organization skills!

  6. Dillinger128 says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 I´╗┐ agree with amalavasi…. if u were serious about that setup you would have a serious router… like a mikrotik and some nice managed switches… not some crappy off the shelf router… just sayin

  7. xmodrock says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 i got a teraplex cisco switrch that cost 2 googleplex dollars.. LMFAO JK awesome run.. i have a cisco/linksys wireless router/switch and they´╗┐ are pretty dank.. mine even came with a built in SMB and FTP server

  8. konkakonkadudu says:

    Heh, I can see people thinking the servers are ancient just´╗┐ from seeing CRT monitors. Still I couldn’t even imagine what your utility bill looks like. lol

  9. bob070716 says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 I mean building your own servers is cool and all but quad cores? Really? That’s not really anything to brag about… If you have been in the “IT field” so long than you should know that “newer is better” aka more power + less space + less power drain = More cost effective network. Also what does my age have anything to do with knowledge? As far as Dell vs HP vs IBM that’s a long debate which will never be won. They all use the same´╗┐ companies to make there internals.

  10. Mrthemaxdj1 says:

    @bob070716 If i would have bought dell servers i would probably hide them´╗┐ in a closet to. All my servers are upgraded as high as they can be and 90% have been custom built in the last 2 yearsand many are quad processors. HP and IBMs are the best ones i bought over the years and i have been in the IT field longer than you have been alive.

  11. bob070716 says:

    This would be impressive if it was updated shit… I have 4 Dell 710’s all running in a closet connected to a 40TB SAN with x2 Fios 100mb connections. So all that plus´╗┐ more in something that’s 1/25 the size of your room. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra cash to get some horse power in trade for some extra cash in your pocket from the electric bill.

  12. AMOGON says:

    damn, how many clients do you have?????…btw wondering to start my own website obviously´╗┐ start off small….will a drobo be able to host my website(FTP) thanks.

  13. MrTpengineer says:

    @Mrthemaxdj1 Linksys and D-link, I´╗┐ like them both, but as far as heat and performance I tend to lean twards D-link, linksys routers get really hot when put to work. Nice setup btw!

  14. Homeless2 says:

    @SouthNJPC that comment was made 2 years ago in response to another posted who asked a question. The reason it received thumbs up was because it was a correct answer to his question. This was before youtube had the @´╗┐ to reply to people… thanks for being ignorant

  15. deathcoder says:

    LOL I built mine for like HALF that much. Asus P6T, Intel i7 950, Intel Network Card, 24GB RAM Corsair, 3 1TB Seagate SATA Drives, and that’s it. No CD/DVD, no Video, no keyboard,…
    P6T ($99), Intel Card ($30), 24GB ($300), i7´╗┐ ($200), Power Supply ($50), Case ($50)… Total: 750 and change! beat that! (ohh,.. and an Adaptec RAID Card… for $50 on eBay!

  16. deandownsouth says:

    @CopperCheetah, Technically, ESXi is VMware’s hypervisor without the RHEL console OS. It’s not a matter´╗┐ of a free vs non-free in that there are two versions of the hypervisor, since ESXi can be free or it can be licensed for use all the way up to the Enterprise Plus license with all the great VMware features like DRS, vMotion and HA. ESX (without the i) is end-of-life with the last version being 4.1. Only ESXi in all its versions will be available now-which is a great thing for sure.

  17. CopperCheetah says:

    @blacksiddis : “White Box” means that the server was assembled by the end-user from components, rather than having a vendor (such as Dell or HP) provide you a´╗┐ fully assembled and integrated system.

    ESXi is the free version of VMWare’s ESX server, the operating system provided by VMWare to run virtual machines on a given physical server.

  18. CopperCheetah says:

    @blacksiddis´╗┐ : “White Box” means that the server was assembled by the end-user from components, rather than having a vendor (such as Dell or HP) provide you a fully assembled and integrated system.

    ESXi is the free version of VMWare’s ESX server, the operating system provided by VMWare to run virtual machines on a given physical server.

  19. goo5o says:

    this show was dope, i have been looking at building my first computer using it to setup a web server. You guys are the shit. Keep making these videos,´╗┐ they are the bomb shit and not many other people make them or are as educated as yourselves. peace.

  20. ivarsruzha says:

    All You missed was that INTEL CPU has to support VT-X virtualizaton FLAG.´╗┐ AMD CPUs also has to support special virualization CPU flags to get things work good.

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