We have the message was in the game – less than 30 minutes to = D Be sure to thumbs up and discuss the current reworking in the comments πŸ™‚ New RuneShark GO? Click on the Subscribe button to be notified of all future videos and live streams. Follow us on Twitter, at twitter.com In this power will I be a first look at the new beta server for runescape combat rework (evolution of the fight), exploring the new interface, tried a variety of new skills and try find out some great new tactics to wipe out all the fight. I will test so many basic, threshold and ultimate skills as I can πŸ™‚ This is just the beginning RuneShark Combat season, with the goal of almost daily videos covering various aspects of the fight reworking have beta, and with tip, s guides only general game (like killing upgraded bosses). Hope you are all as excited as I am!
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Video Rating: 5/5

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27 thoughts on “RuneScape Combat Beta Live Stream – RuneShark Looks rework on test servers

  1. SwagOMGTV says:

    Jagex fans are always something to complain about. Honestly, the reason why there are so many bots, is because of the combat and gameplay is boring … there’s no fun in it. It’s just a basic hit for hit combat system. I love the updates, and I hope Jagex keeps up the good work.

  2. Mike245Mat says:

    no, it just means you will get new content. most of the time people get their hacked because they are stupid enough to put their accounts in fraudulent sites / are downloading keylogger gets his thinking some magic gold generator or bot.Jeder exploit or bug, which can be used to hack into accounts could, without you noticing it patched.

  3. ohaidare says:

    And that’s exactly why Jagex nuke so reluctant to get rid of all the bots have bots sind.Sie a looooooong time, but they will not because of the huge amount of money they make from the subscription GebΓΌhren.All happens because Jagex can werden.Jagex bought by some scummy money hungry vultures gets fucked and then runescape.

  4. catty moon says:

    Amazing! I like gold for free to lvl 99 + 370m! Hahaha! Here is the link >>> adf.ly/7Irxz? = 1f51g5g pls thumbs up if you have a positive evaluation of the site!

  5. BLACKhAWK2224 says:

    as someone who plays runescape stopped a few years ago, I see that Jagex back trying to move forward with the game, but I’m never going to really be able to after this …

  6. daarkshadow8 says:

    First runescape of which has many unique abilities and a big wide world that has no other MMOs, there quests that does not compare to certain areas and items that do not unlock in all MMOs. new skill system is not nearly enthusiastic. only so many differences runescape is still unique!

  7. MasonRyanLevey says:

    Nah, it is not, unfortunately. you’re probably confusing the Falador Massacre with Falador riots. Unrest in the world 66 are In any case, the Falador Massacre was when Cursed You got ’99 building (I think he was the first to get it), and he had this massive house party. They had PvP mode. In his cell, and there were too many people, so he kicked all The PvP mode glitched and transmitted real rs, so people could kill anyone anywhere.

  8. Justin Macrove says:

    Well, it’s when she got wild and free trade. That’s why so many people quit. Runescape and 2006 is not going away, its called 06scape.com ….. Go there and tell me that this is not Runescape in 2006.

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