go.tagjag.com – twitter.com – We are typically talking tech here in our channel, and sometimes we even answer questions! PC Pitstop community member Richard asked why anyone would want to use a server as a personal home computer, and wonders what the advantages of doing so would be. There are some advantages, and I’m glad that Richard thought to ask about this! chris.pirillo.com – http – lockergnome.net
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Updated Server Room & network DSL connection

In case you did not see my previous server room video here is an update to the old video: www.youtube.com In this update video you will see that we moved part of our server infrastructure around in the server room, as we are planning to move this equipment within the next 60 days to a new server room with better air conditioning and better power conditioning. This old server room is very noisy and gets very hot and does not have space to grow, The new server room alone is costing 000 for the air conditioning and power configuration alone. Our DSL line is a 10 Mb high-speed internet connection, We have 12 servers, of which you only see 8 servers here. The other servers are in other locations due to lack of space. There are 3 Mac servers, and the other 9 are Dell brand running Windows 2003 servers. They run specialized functions such as providing DNS, DHCP, print server, file server, mail server, data-backup, data base server, Mac Services, web server, ad/domain controller & ad backup, restore images. In addition, we are installing a wireless controller and new WAP access points to cover 6 floors and gigabyte network switches, with a total cost of over 0000 so it is not cheap. And that does not include the additional new dual cpu MACS that we are acquiring for the new library and new computer labs. see: www.youtube.com I will do an update to show the imaging of the new iMacs with 20″ display monitors, they are NICE and very fast!! see reimaging the hard drive on 200
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Server vs Desktop PC

  1. TheKidLosobx says:

    i am currently installing window server at home for educational reasons… what can you tell me to focus on and why? example, groups settings or pc on server.

  2. AlexanderHorbol says:

    @viprk24OC You seem to know more than the dude in the video. I have an online radio show and I worry that my computer will freeze up because I have so may different browsers going at the same time searching for articles (and it’s a pretty good computer), would I be better off getting a server or just add another desktop computer to the mix?

  3. ningabushman says:

    He didn’t answer the question correctly. He’s talking about a server os. The question was about using a server machine. If you know what you are doing or want to know more then there is a clear advantage to using a server computer.

  4. viprk24OC says:

    There are more disadvages. But the advantages are simply. Servers are built to multitask But the Unbuffered dims realy Dumbs down your your ability to go game or run intensive apps. The processor on the other hand is built to multitask and takes alot more to Put them on full load

  5. James1toknow says:

    @traingunner So remember the list of things to remember when installing a LAN or WAN or any type of topology and you should be fine.
    What the problem is now is every vendor is fighting for you business with there equipment, and solutions.
    Be wise look around, stick with names that matter.
    my name is on many MDF’s and Back boards with pride.

  6. traingunner says:

    @James1toknow I can agree. I am only 21 and been installing networks for 2 years as well as running cable and I think the same thing. Just take a little extra time to make it neat. Says so much about a technician

  7. src438 says:

    Cisco is a corporations that single-out certain people that avoiding certain people and discriminate certain people Cisco it’s a company that involved with a lot of organizations that related the “Mind Controlled Slave” and “ILLUMINATI” (Whatever it is) originally created by Italians and Germans Natsis That running the project-MKULTRA-(A deadly methods and experiments stalking of targeted individual)

  8. symertechcomputers says:

    Virtualization sucks, real men have real servers for every conceivable function plus redundancy. . For all the extra headaches and effort put into admining real servers its worth it. There is nothing like commanding a roaring data-center throbbing and surging with drives, lights and fans to let you know there is real power there. I move 100 Terabytes for breakfast. It’s like running the USS Enterprise.

    PS: Fuck the environment 😀

  9. deandownsouth says:

    @123Jus1 Mm, OK. Having more servers than are needed is expensive and difficult to maintain-especially if they are physical. But if more is better, then since you can get between 30 to 60 servers per physical host (and more) in the datacenter, then that makes virtualization “awesomer” Try maintaining (or rather being on the *team* that maintains) 1000 or more physical servers and “awesome” becomes a real pain. Blinky lights are fun until you have to update firmware, patch the OSes, etc.

  10. deandownsouth says:

    It’s fine but why don’t you leverage virtualization? You could easily get rid of 6 of those servers and lower your cooling, power and space requirements-and cabling mess. I mean a whole physical server for DNS or AD or even DHCP? That’s such a waste of resources and money-especially when you consider that virtualization doesn’t cost anything, at least to get started. With vSphere, you can easily get 5 to 7 server VMs per processor core. It will make your life much easier for sure.

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