Add a sturdy, adjustable depth shelf into almost any server rack or cabinet – The ADJSHELF Adjustable Depth Fixed Server Rack Cabinet Shelf offers a simple way to effectively organize mission critical computer hardware in your server racks and cabinets.
Compatible with all 19in (wide) server racks/cabinets, the fixed rack shelf can be adjusted from 19in to 38in (depth) as necessary. A sturdy cold-rolled steel construction provides long term durability and enables a weight capacity of up to 175 lbs (80 kg).
Backed by a 2-year warranty.

2 thoughts on “ Adjustable Depth Fixed Server Rack Cabinet Shelf

  1. vincehardy says:

    Good shelf but misleading “technical details” description Under technical details it reads “adjustable mounting depth of 19″ -38″”, that might very well be but the shelf itself has an nonadjustable depth of 27″ and did not fit the 20″ deep rack I was setting up. I wish it had been made clear. I had to return it.It seems like a fine, solid shelf otherwise.

  2. Adam says:

    Description mis-leading on size, but is sturdy First, the shelf is sturdy and strong, as one would expect from a four-post fastening shelf. The vent holes in the bottom ensure that air flow is okay from any bottom-vented equipment. The shelf was easy to adjust and secure.The BAD part is that, though the description implies it will work on nearly all racks, it does not make clear that the shelf will hang out the front or the back on most racks that are not set to full depth! The minimum depth for the rack and having it not stick out past the posts is probably around 30″ (just guessing). I was able to allow it to stick out the front of my rack and set a keyboard on it, so all was not lost, but would have had to return it if the keyboard use was not found.

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