The NSA320 is a high performance home storage device and media server capable of handling simultaneous 1080p high-definition streams to different UPnP and DLNA-certified devices such as Microsoft XBOX360, Sony PS3 and DLNA TV in every room at home. The NSA320 features rich server technologies for multimedia sharing. Acting as an iTunes server, Squeeze Center, personal blog and photo album server, the NSA320 simplifies streaming and sharing multimedia on PCs, laptops and SqueezeBoxes. With the user-friendly installation wizard, it’s easy to manage and backup media files on the NSA320. You can also play music and slide shows directly from the NSA320 through the intuitive user interface integrated with a media player. The NSA320 allows you to create a music playlist to play on the background of your slide shows. A newly designed alphabetical search bar provides you with a more convenient way to search within thousands of songs, photos and videos stored on the NSA320. The NSA320 allows users to continuously download large files using eMule, Bit Torrent, FTP or HTTP services without powering on their PC. The auto-upload function enables NSA320 to automatically upload files stored in the NSA to FTP servers or other media sharing Web sites like Flickr and YouTube – a very efficient way to share files with friends and family. “Wake-on-LAN” enables users to turn on the NSA320 and access media files remotely anytime and anywhere, even when the device at home is powered off. In addition, with support for hibernation mode the internal hard disks in the NSA320 can automatically spin down when there is no data transmission after a period of time. With the power scheduling function, the NSA320 can be turned on or off automatically based on your usage patterns and needs to conserve power and expense.

2 thoughts on “ZyXEL NSA320 2-bay Network Attached Storage and Media Server

  1. Tom Servo says:

    A nice media server that does many things right! Reviewed: Zyxel NSA325. It supports 2 x 3.5″ SATA drives, has 2 USB2 ports (back) and a single USB3 (front) & has Gigabit Ethernet. 1.6GHz Marvell processor is faster than older NAS devices (faster than the 800MHz CPU in the D-LINK DNS-320 or the 1.2GHz CPU in the DNS-325) and 512MB memory allows multiple functions at same time.DRIVE INSTALLATION:Drive guide rails must be attached to each drive via screws. Note that the pointy end of the rails must face INWARD (i.e. on the same side as the SATA connector). The quick install sheet doesn’t mention this and it’s easy to overlook from the diagram. The reason for the specific orientation is that you use a tool (located behind the drive cover) to remove an installed drive from its bay and this tool clips onto the exposed end of the drive rails. Also when installing be sure to insert the drive so that the SATA connector will mate with the drive (it will not if you insert the drive the wrong way and you could cause damage). ZyXEL…

  2. Patrick Deno "Lord_Jereth" says:

    Not perfect, but still pretty good in this price class After a few days of tinkering with it, finding, researching and resolving a few minor issues (mostly of my own making), I can say it’s not a bad little piece of kit. There just needs to be better documentation on some of the more common problems that can show up. Remember, G**gle is your friend.Unboxing: When the package with this little unit and my two drives came in the mail I was very excited. The Amazon package was relatively large and bulky, but when I opened it up and began pulling everything out – first the packing pillows, then the two hard drives, and finally the appliance, itself – and began unwrapping it, I was amazed at how small this little unit is. For what all it can do, I was actually expecting something twice its actual size. This thing’s tiny! It’s positively adorable! But, although it’s clad in plastic, it doesn’t feel insubstantial or fragile like a toy. It has some weight to it, especially once you install the drives. You could actually club someone…

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