tutorial seven things after installing Ubuntu 12.04 00:14 Change Update Server and Run Speed ​​up your downloads and updates your system up-to-date 1.14 install proprietary drivers such as nVidia / ATI graphics card, wireless network TV cards, etc. .. 1:38 To install proprietary codecs Adobe Flash Video, MP3 audio, MP4 videos, and a few other codecs to play 02:11 Customize Desktop with MyUnity MyUnity you can quickly access your desktop to change the transparency, size and launcher icon theme. Keyboard Shortcuts to open 3.6 Bring back the familiar Windows keyboard shortcuts like Win + E for the home folder (Nautilus file manager) Ctrl + Alt + Del System Monitor 4:06 privacy settings prevent history is recorded for certain types of files, folders or applications. 4:32 Setup Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Gives you 5GB of online storage for free. Great for getting the same configuration between different computers. Ubuntu One can choose between Windows, iPhone and Android smart phones synchronize Wallpaper
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  1. Whatsitallabaaat says:

    Ubuntu 12.04 runs like snot stuck on my Aspire One – absolutely useless! I put Win8 preview and flies. 12.04 has so many issues, it is simply not worth the installation on each machine. Even after reinstalling the latest version can be found then d / l for a few hundred meg of updates that actually make the thing to have even worse. I’m sure it’s great if your hardware is on the job, but this defeats the point of linux is not it? I hate Unity!

  2. quidsup says:

    I only boot with Ubuntu 12.04 now. At the time I wanted to made this video ASAP and could not spare the downtime to replace Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04. If I mention anything else, what I show in my vids safe to do on your system.

  3. AkHolicful says:

    I have this problem with several distributions, where my screen freezes suddently. Freeze everything except my mouse. So I can turn one, but nothing else .. My graphics card is an Nvidia GT220. And updates installed for them. Hmm ..

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