Sorry, I’m kind of everywhere .. that’s what I get for not making notes. P Haha, I also hope a few people will find this video helpful if they were not sure why they should be an Android tablet over the iPad Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed it please this video a thumbs up and favorite or share or subscribe or comment or something to say whatever 🙂 things I forgot …. ImthecarSLODkid mentioned that with android you get a file browser app and that you download all files from tthe internet and see them / install syrgant mentioned that you download 3rd party apps right to your Android device, or any files or, that matter. Marvolo360 mentioned that Android Adobe Flash ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ has ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Do not forget to follow me on Facebook! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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28 thoughts on “Android Tablet Advantages over the iPad

  1. MagmaRhino says:

    Well, how about $ 200? The Google Nexus Tablet is without doubt the best budget tablet out there. The Kindle Fire is about the same price, but it is far too limited. Even if you are looking for an ereader, I would beat the nexus tab above the FIRR

  2. elevan111I says:

    One thing that I notice when we, the tablets compare apple and apple windows is LinuxUnd Android is a gaming PC have but i dont a tablet (yet) And the price is my chosing as if i dont think is bluetooth important to purchase STOREX if I want to find overpriced tablet i buy an ipad etc but I whoud like a very good tablet under $ 150 € (with Bluetooth) review

  3. MagmaRhino says:

    Haha well I’m glad you learned something new! And yes, I believe that all the tablets in the Transformer series that included live wallpaper, but if not, you can probably get it for free from the App Store

  4. TFEreviewz says:

    Ok i was gona get Pad 3 …. NO LONGER FUUUUUUCK APPLE! (I just discovered android XD) I get the cool battery life posters moved on the latest Transformer tablet?

  5. MagmaRhino says:

    Hm, well if you are on a budget I’d go for the TF300, or if you’re really on a budget, you are the Nexus Tablet. They are both very good tablet for the cost and both are cheaper than the ipad third The iPad is good, but really it’s not worth g that much when you can get an equally good tablet for much less

  6. MagmaRhino says:

    Well, that’s not quite right, so many of the great app developers will be for Apple for the first, but android apps are not far behind, but all the applications work on both phones and tablets except of course, it requires cell service in some form to work the app. So all in all, the Android Market is not too far behind the Apple one, so I would definitely recommend android yet, unless the best apps is your highest priority

  7. princess4eva1193 says:

    So you would recommend an Android tablet over an iPad 3? And if so, what Android tablet? I’m a student trying to figure out which is best for me .. lol and my student financial situation

  8. omegaquod says:

    Hi, great video. I get out of this and others that I’ve seen that the Android tablets will allow for much more flexibility, adaptability, etc. But what I do keep telling people, is that although there are a lot more apps available for android users are, they are not that great, or many of them work only for mobile phones, etc. Can you talk? What about the apps for the iPad with the apps for Android in comparison? How big a problem is it? Thanks.

  9. MagmaRhino says:

    It’s not a problem I’m here 🙂 can help advance the current. Nexus Tab directly from Google for $ 199 for the 8GB tablet, and there is no definite release date, but it is said to be this month Also, yes, that seems as if it would be better, but I would recommend that the investment nexus for this tablet, I can assure you that you have the least amount of problems from the 3, and many more, better features, the most important 3 is image quality, processing power and battery life

  10. rochsXtown says:

    Well, it is a on the same side, the 7 “Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen WiFi Tablet. Would that better says? Anyway, if that is released Nexus tablet? Will it be expensive? Thank you and sorry questions for so many

  11. MagmaRhino says:

    The nexus tab would have better battery, a better screen, more stable interface, more frequent updates (the Google android firmware and makes nexus devices are always working with Google, in this case, Asus and google) have much less problems with a lot more features , more power thanks to the quad-core processor and a whole bunch of added goodies Sun It’s really up to how much you think you are and how much you are willing to spend to use. If you can, definitely buy this!

  12. MagmaRhino says:

    Hm well at first glance I would say no, and almost one main reason, android 2.3 is outdated and should also for phones, not tablets will run that its far superior. However, after reading the reviews and for the price I think it would be a good buy, just expect some problems and bugs and a huge lack of power / fluidity when preforming processes. I would recommend, however, spend double and wait a bit for the 7 “tablet to be released nexus

  13. rochsXtown says:

    Question; .. I am all for buying a think tablet, and I liked the 7 “MID 8GB Capacitive A10 Tablet PC Android 2.3 WiFi 3G MID 8GB Allwinner ePad [by Tablet Express] (8GB Black) I saw it in Amazon Would you recommend it? I no idea if it is not good. technology is not really my Stärke.By the way, the video was really useful. Thanks for making it

  14. stopthebusable says:

    and btw Apple’s App Store, only a little bigger, but it has much nicer ve wasted hours games.i ‘in search of cool apps for my iPod Touch and my android mobile/tablet.60% of the games i download from Apple’s App store are really good and I think they are sadly for android i only keep about 30% …

  15. Robert R. Walker says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 180 of 183 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars Great for the Price , 23rd May 2012



    This review ( What is it )

    Recently, the Coby Kyros MID received the 9742nd For the money, this is a fine tablet. I had lost Motorola Xoom tablet, which was unfortunately on my travels. By Xoom as a standard for the money of Cyrus is a strong and impressive second. A lot of the complaints I’ve read are from people who are not exploring the tablet. Indeed, it is not Google’s game, but the Amazon App Store and other secondary app stores are easily accessible. havng problem by a computer in order to move apps from the internal memory to the SD card is very solvable. There is a free app on Amazon App Store called “App2SD” I downloaded , you can download apps seamlessly from the internal to the external memory in the blink of an eye. I the Coby Kyros for everyone on a budget or longer recommend improtantly for those who want something that works well without the latest bells and whistles, the antiquated in less than three will be months, the truth is, as the technology advances 80% of most products -.. computers, tablets, tv and so on will converge on a very acceptable and very reliable medium to well above the average too much go for too little benefit costs except to say, “I’ve got money on the latest and greatest” and of course to pay too little, you get a piece of junk The difenitely Cyrus is at the top of that 80%

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  • L. Kimbrell says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 60 of 62 people found the following review helpful:
     4.0 out of 5 stars Great Product -. Some tinkering , 24th April 2012

    target = L. Kimbrell


    This review is from: Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 16.9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Widescreen Internet Tablet with built in camera, Black MID7042-4 (Personal Computers)

    I love this device, now that I have everything working the way I need it to have. Looks good, I love the size, and it is fast
    I had 2 drawbacks that I have to be reversed with workarounds
    1) No Google Play – .. use amazon app store instead
    2) Skype does not work with the latest verson – use version skype_v2.5.4.162.apk Works fine
    Currently, the working version Flash is com.adobe.flashplayer_111115007.apk
    All these applications can be installed without Google Play. Just Google the versions that I listed here and you can find them.
    I Could anything I on Amazon App Store wanted to find. Netflix runs well. device not once was. Rushed
    I also use it for the Wireless Site Planning and RF interference detection, which works well for the small size. ago I was with my mobile phone run, but the battery would be in an hour. I can use this for hours with continuous use and it still has life left.
    This is a great device for the price not. belief that you’re going to pay $ 150 and the craftsmanship you are using an Apple product. However, I have an iPad 1 and the unit is just as fast. that is missing is the scratch-resistant glass and metal housing.
    moment I have a screen protector and . a leather case with built-in keyboard Abosultely would recommend anyone look for a budget friendly tablet

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  • KevinW42 says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 290 of 322 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars Great tablet with ICS 4.0.3 and Awesome low price! , 7th April 2012

    target = KevinW42


    customer video Length :: 6:34 Mins
    ALERT: Google has the NEXUS 7 Tablet with Tegra 3 processor for big games, ITS consider $ 199 for 8GB, $ 249 for 16GB
    IF YOU INTRODUCED, a tablet for the same price as the COBY I recommend you, the Nexus 7 would, it has a Tegra 3 AND
    The price is to forego WONDERFUL. COBY was to lower the prices on these TABLETS when SELLING keep them expect. IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER FOR 199.98
    THE COBY 10 “MODEL MID1042-8, I’m not sure whether the photo should be here
    IT IS EXACTLY like 9742-8 model, but a bigger screen look, this is a great price for a 10-inch tablet
    Coby has made homework. you been since 1990, and are not a fly by night Corporation. This tablet is very responsive, no lags
    always. Apart from not including the Android Marketplace (now known as Google Play) You can download Amazon App Store application
    Amazon. com using the browser that came on your tablet. It has all you would need the hot apps . the GetJar shows just
    you free apps, they change every week so it is a good place for free apps, but not all .. they are something you would want to check out
    for 1Mobile other Android applications and hundreds of Android related sites looking for your favorite Web search page
    WARNING: OLDER MODEL COBY “ROOT INSTRUCTIONS” shall for this newer generation of COBY TABLETS work, you do your homework before you try
    THEM. COBY NOT because if the tablet Android Marketplace (Google Play) GET root, I would proceed with caution.

    Firefox 14 for Android includes Flash support, and tap-to-play for plug-ins. however Mozilla website
    they only tested the software on some tablets, and Coby have not listed the latest models. Right now, to use the built in browser and
    youtube player for YouTube Videos are limited. However, you can play Flash videos after installing the Adobe Flash 11 apk with VLC Player and
    other flash video capable players. FLV Player, you can install Flash video without Adobe Flash, as play. Flash video
    from microSD card is not a problem. asserts works harder Up on tablet version of Mozilla Firefox and Aurora, the browser that comes with the
    Coby plays youtube videos just fine in the Web should Browser Window.
    problems found have Adobe Flash but looking by your browser on your Coby Tablet.
    enter in the search function at the top of the Adobe Flash website.’s results page top show the Adobe Flash icon with F in the middle.
    Click on this icon. You’ll be on the next page, where you need to click “Download APK” button with a little green Android icon. According
    Download tell the tablet to install the application.
    After that your all set, I would recommend downloading this first br, after it is installed, turn on the tablet and on. Previously played Angry Birds, an explosion on a larger screen. no problems, unlike my Samsung Galaxy S phone, the thing has not crashed yet functioning properly
    has a nice vibrant screen and way better than a Kindle Fire! You can get a free Kindle Reader app from Amazon, and it works

    You can also use an app called FLV Player from Amazon App Store, is free and will play flash video files without Adobe do
    flash, it’s also good for playing FLV files from external microSD card you insert into the tablet.
    not the weight of this tablet does not hurt your hands with it for long periods. The sound is really good, two speakers are located on the left rear side
    , but easy to hear, even if its placed on a flat surface, even though I were always hold her in my 2 hands. recommend a few apps such as
    PaperPort Anywhere, you must also run the PC version allows your tablet to print web pages and documents on your wireless printer.
    Syncables 360 Home Network v.7 for the tablet and PC, you can sync Your movie / photos / documents / music folder on your PC, so you can access files from the computer
    . A reference app The Complete Android Guide eBook would be, for learning more about Android was. great
    With this tablet, 4 months so far, but everything is spotless screen is awesome, easy to see. If you Get a browser
    page that does not respond for any reason, or a game, press the power button on a second, and it will ask you if you
    close the browser page or the game you want to play. I choose just wait and it usually starts again from where they left off.
    games like Random Mahjong Pro is awesome, it looks so good here enjoy. crossword puzzle lover Super Word Search! Let
    Documents To Go 3.0, to read all of these documents. the back camera works very well, has good front camera if your screen in good lighting and
    not shady. movies look great here too, it’s a minor is … Read “_top”>

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