Apple. a lighter and thinner smartphone, iPhone 5, on Wednesday Jessica Vascellaro has details on the News Hub. Photo: Getty Images. Subscribe to the WSJ Live YouTube Channel – More WSJLive YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: WSJ:
Video Rating: 2/5 campaign_id = 11 http We have to reach the SmartphonePedia Show Episode 27 and I have a great comparison for you today. The new HTC Butterfly J has been announced for release in Japan. I thought it would be good to see how it stands against the Samsung Galaxy 2 and the Oppo Find 5th The new iPad mini will always be announced next week, and we have almost no information. What a surprise. The sad thing is that even after it is, we are still not much information. What do you expect from Apple have come to expect? The Google event is set for the end of the month, and we should see the new Google Nexus smartphone. The only thing is that we do hear from at least 3 different companies. HANDS FREE RIDE IS IMPORTANT!
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50 thoughts on “Apple Unveils iPhone 5

  1. Victor Lin says:

    Apple is definitely very diffferent this time without Steve Jobs, given the new iPhone hardware and iOS software. Steve, you can rest in peace, your company will be coming soon!

  2. Syakir2004 says:

    theire still at the top. Actually iphone 5 sales are sky rocket theire compared to the previous model. : P has the iPhone 5 improved in every respect. Its just that theres no wow or it BOOM. no extra features

  3. Gene Lesser says:

    Check out this ingenious device for all your iPhone including the new iPhone 5 It has the “most popular” category, since it was launch on Kickstarter. It is iExpander! The iExpander extends the iPhone memory, camera and battery life. Expandable SD memory card, great low light pictures & 2X battery life! Check it out on Kickstarter site.

  4. TheNextTorres9 says:

    I hate the way apple always act like they’ve just created something very amazing, compared to the Galaxy S3, it fails. But I do not buy a phone because it is the best phone I buy a call, because I do so much, although it is not better than the s3, it probably will not stop me from buying it is.

  5. SmartphonePedia Sales says:

    I think you have nothing to do but complain. If I were a maker over the other as it is because they made the best, so far, does not make me have bias. Act like an adult rather than as a child and get attention. If you have something to say, try it mature.

  6. SmartphonePedia Sales says:

    The overheating problem was with the Tegra3 version. Well as the international version That has resolved with an update. Now none of the HTC One X the problem.

  7. T211274 says:

    Oppo finder stlye op op op op op op op style finder opLassen you said your iPhone as i ya ‘This is the thinnest smartphone you ever keep ya’ No Headphone Jack? There is no headphone jack! Headphone jack? Why u dont put that. thathathtahthtahthtahtahthttah thtBuummOppa Finder-style.

  8. SmartphonePedia Sales says:

    I’ve tried them all. I will say that every manufacturer has its good points, but HTC has (in my opinion) in total with large cameras. I like the resolution and color quality. Plus the ad you get to see your images is also important. That is also where HTC progress. The display on the X-One line looks good in sunlight.

  9. mmanut says:

    Do not worry, will Verizon screws on this phone. This is a deposit locked bootloader and if it’s such a do not go for me. Rather, the score 2, the developers love this product and I do also.

  10. Dane Morris says:

    I have Htc mobile phones has long been owned and the biggest difference to my note 2 compared the software. The TouchWiz layer on the Note 2 is the best thing I’ve ever seen and the way of interacting with Android and Facebook etc is seamless. Do not know why people never factor this. In comparisons Fact is that you can not interact with your hardware, software, … Specs are relatively

  11. jamesdixon665 says:

    The man is right, he knows what he is talking about HTC j is much better than Samsung Galaxy 2, I will never buy if I Samsung Samsung Galaxy 2 or s3 I wod sell and buy an HTC or HTC is an x ​​+ j

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