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3 thoughts on “ASUS Transformer TF300-B1 T-BL 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet (Blue)

  1. J. R. O. Neal "Islidur" says:
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     4.0 out of 5 stars Forget The Big Red Fruit , 25 April 2012

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    This is a wonderful tablet. Extremely powerful and versatile. Some purists will say that the display is not up to par, but this is ridiculous. This is an impressive display, even if it is just before the same number of pixels available. The performance is better than the iPad 3, it’s a nice device, and provides a unique opportunity. Into a keyboard base and “transform” into a laptop Pop Combine that with it’s low price and Apple surpassed and forgotten. Buy it now.
    I originally bought this for my wife who, after spending some time with the tablet, I decided to buy another for me. Ease of use, comfort, mobility and incredible power it. Better option for me than my laptop
    The device is made of plastic, but it is very stable and I feel it will take quite a while, I did order leather case for it though. As I mentioned, the screen is great no matter what anyone says. I have bad eyes, but I can read well even in full sun on them. I tested the GPS connected to the device to my iPhone and it works flawlessly. Wifi reception is so good, it took several servers around my house than any other device I own and has full power to me since I fired up, no matter where I put it in the house.

    I was able to just on my main computer via DLNA and stream music and videos that I have stored there conect. There are literally too many features to list each of the tablet, and I know that I is not even all of them have not been found. So far there is nothing that I tried to do that it’s had slowed
    I noticed two breakdowns;. The browser shut down a few times for no reason and had a hard time coming back up. I think this is an issue with ICS and will probably be fixed in the next update. Also, the on-screen keyboard ASUS very glitchy. I was constantly hitting backspace when writing long messages, because it would be wrong to write (even though I press the correct key) and would to take space in the middle of some words. I did not even Google’s keyboard, because I just decided to try the dock from now on for long messages.
    yet a Note. I’ve worked with an iPad and have owned an iPhone since it was released. The Apple operating system is more polished than Android, but Android is very wide as it is the humble beginnings and I think it will surpass iOS come very soon. But it’s good enough for us to thoroughly enjoy these tablets and gave me is a reason to ditch our iPhones and go with Samsung Galaxy S as well. Update issued

    After an extended amount of time with the tablet, I have a few observations.
    First, there is some slight bleeding on the screen edges, but under normal circumstances it is not noticeable.
    Second, on top of shutting down occasionally, the browser is very slow, very slow. I think this is more of a problem than an Android tablet problem, and I hope it will be fixed with an update.
    Third tablet has 3 performance settings. First, I left it on the default standard setting. I have discovered that many times video will not play, if I set to high performance. I decided to just leave it to a higher setting and sufffer battery consumption.
    Fourth, for some reason, you can not use a USB extension cable. It will not work for power or data using a cable extension. This is disappointing, as I would like to on the couch and charge at the same time sitting, but the stock cable is too short.
    I still think it is a great tablet, and will only get better with the software update, but now it suffers from glitchy, slow applications and operating system. I dropped my review by 1 star because of software problems.

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  • Mikec717 says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars I have so much to give 🙁 AGAIN , May 23, 2012

    REVISION love


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    This review ( What is )
    review refers on: ASUS Transformer TF300-B1 T-BL 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet (Blue) (Personal Computers)

    UPDATE 3: Please review each section in my review of “previous . “for updates on this particular article I will do another update later
    UPDATE 2:.. This is just a quick update just to let everyone know that the TF300 has spare for all extensive purposes, a home run, this is the tablet like I wanted, and there are always reasons to love it more. I will give a more in depth update later do in the next few days, but now let me tell BUY TABLET. I am very happy that I just a defective unit for the first time to strike No 2 for ASUS I will use my previous review remain in place in case someone gets a tab that was the same thing
    UPDATE 1:… Just to prospective purchase in the To keep up to date. ASUS responded very quickly to my review (see comments) and after a few emails back and forth, after they also believe I have a defective tablet. For those interested, I have some excerpts in the comments will I come in a little closer to some of the errors go
    Well, I get ‘right to it I would LOVE this tablet I have a lot of research and knew it was for.. I. I started my tablet and it went through the steps. All was well for about a week, then it started to reboot again and again. First it was restarted after each song on Pandora. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Ok, problem solved. Not quite. Angry Birds room froze, Tablet restarted. Now I’ll suspicious. Pandora has to restart it. Everything made to restart. Remember, all of this was yesterday that it all kooky got. I’m on the latest firmware. I did a hard reset (power off, unplugged, power button + volume) and was hoping for the best. Nope. Getting my google on and then silence play. Look at the tablet and it restarted. So I start opening test apps again. Dolpin I open browser, Gallery, Super Note, and My Library, all except one preinstalled on the tablet. I go to open Pandora and do not even touch the icon before he goes again reboot. So I run this scenario, open the same apps want, it’s okay. I open the tab in the keyboard dock and I go to Netflix. The screen to portrait then back to landscape and nothing happens. So I say screw and put Google play again. I let it play over night, it is not new, but the music break. Fine. match I met in the morning and like 15 seconds it starts. I send sounds like this tablet and in the hope that it’s just a defective unit. From the reviews, it is. But I’ll have some notes about how it was when it did work.
    people say it is not as nice as the new iPad. Well it is not, the iPad is a premium device sold at a premium. I’m not comparing a Hyundai to a high-end Mercedes.’s a super duper HD screen really worth that much more? Not for me. Compare the Transformer infinity of the iPad. This means that the screen is large. reading books is not a problem, my pictures awesome, watch games in great detail. little bleeding on the floor (landscape), but as others already mentioned, only on black back ground and not really into it from anywhere. You can not burn your eyes bright as the Prime, but it’s much brighter. At home, I usually keep it at 50%, my office, I could max out, but in my defense, 3 of my 4 walls of windows are really that I get a lot of sunlight in here. it’s much brighter. somehow I think we’ve all been spoiled and pampered by beautiful screens and I can honestly say that is a is just that, it’s just not super duper IPS HDx400. stop, it’s great, a lot of good, especially for the price. I threw some HD video on it looks awesome. And I’m a little snooty when it comes to this stuff, I’m happy with the display, it is also (if it works) very accommodating
    out of the box UPDATE:… Not much to add to this I always feel still, it is much brighter for the average person. resolution is fine, HD video looks great. HD games and apps look great. non-HD apps are a little grainy, but that’s not a problem with the display, this is an android problem because (and Apple does it better), not every app is displayed on tables. Large, fixed screen, very responsive is. Really my only complaint is a complaint about all the tablets that they are fingerprint magnets . I was a pen that I thought I’d never been, but I must admit that I love the thing. Since I use it so much the kind of fingerprint solved problem.
    Meh, can no further comment on until I get the replacement. It started pretty snappy and just fell apart. Graphic intensive games were nothing of it. no delay at all. My major problems were the simple things, what kind of odd. I love the opportunity to lower balanced consumption, and performance., you can change between them quickly and there is a distinct difference in the battery life (and performance). I do not need 5 wires to most … Read more

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  • Katherine G. Carr says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Everything I dreamed it would be! , 28th April 2012



    This review ( What is it )
    This review is from: ASUS Transformer TF300-B1 T-BL 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet (Blue) (Personal Computers)

    I have a couple of my TF300 days and I love it, I wanted to wait for the Transformer Pad infinity because of the nicer screen and the metal casing, but less for $ 200, I felt that the TF300 would be a great thing, and it is, I have not tried that tablet use outside, but inside the screen is bright and fresh – I have no complaints about some of the best things about this tablet

    * It is to be able to run Flash programs.
    * Full keyboard dock
    * Customization (Apple do not want to mess with anything except, perhaps, where the apps on the screen)
    * The ability on most printers with Google Cloud ( Apple AirPrint you can on certain printers, but the list is short) Print
    * Comes with Polaris Office (such as Microsoft Office and is compatible with Office and Excel, and PowerPoint)
    * Much more compatible with a PC
    * You can remotely control your PC with this tablet (really cool!)
    * Way more apps than I thought it would be with all the hype about Apple’s App Store with more -. I have an iPhone and I know there are dozens of options out there, but if I did not know better, I would not have noticed the difference
    * You can use your PC to download applications directly to the TF300 without connection or anything. .
    * It is a widget that you use to kill all running applications in order to conserve battery power

    As for the unit itself, it feels great in my hands – the plastic does not feel cheesy, but I have nothing to compare it to. The touch screen is very responsive, the applications and surfing (also run with some really cool live wallpaper in the background) are quickly and smoothly.
    , I have no complaints at all. A part of me still wants to infinity, just because there are a few things that are really cool, but I’m not sure they are worth $ 200 extra if the insides . the two are pretty much the same

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