budget end of the Android tablet market is hot ago with some fierce competition, one of the latest built in the ring of the “My Tab” from ZTE, branded by Optus and churning along with a 600Mhz CPU and Android2 0.1 available with pre-paid date plans, it’s a contender for the best value android tablet on the cheap end of the spectrum, you can put it through the review gauntlet and see how it shakes. “The new Pre-Paid Optus My Tab The My Tab offers you the ultimate freedom to stay connected with friends on-the-go. With WiFi and 3G connectivity, you can surf the Internet, play games, and videos on its quality 7 “resistive touch screen. Powered by Android ™, you’ll also have access to thousands of apps that Google has to offer marketplace, and its sleek design and lightweight frame mean you want it with you wherever you go. “Available exclusively in Australia with www.optus.com.au specifications, operating system Android 2.1 Network:;: HSDPA: 7.2Mbps, HSUPA: 5.76Mbps Display 2G Band 850/900/1800/1900 Data band 900/1900/2100 3G 7 “TFT-LCD WVGA (800×480) Camera: 3MP CMOS WiFi: 802.11b / g Memory: 512MB ROM +512 MB RAM (+ 2GB MicroSD card) Size: 192x110x12.6mm Weight: 403g Battery: 3400mAh Other: FM Radio, GPS, G-Sensor, Compass, Bluetooth 2.1 If you’re curious, it is apparently the same hardware as the “ZTE Light” android tablet, which recently launched in Beijing in life!
Video Rating: 4/5

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Video Rating: 4/5

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53 thoughts on “Best Cheap Android Tablet? – Review of the My Tab from Optus

  1. Ryann Orsborne says:

    Okay, I was always looking for but now, what should I get that is under $ 100 and is more like the capabilities of an iPad, but the Android Market and not 3g?

  2. yourtube1234567 says:

    I’m starting to hate my samsung tab 10.1 galalxy. No automatic correction, which is annoying keeps apps crash and LAG! I had got the former tram crap.

  3. M. McMeans says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 232 of 238 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars Great for what it does. , 23rd May 2012

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    This review ( What is it )
    review is from: Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 9.16 Resistive Touchscreen Internet Tablet, Black MID7033-4 (Personal Computers )

    I work nights in a home health environment, so I have some free time, while my clients sleep. I decided to get a tablet so I could access Facebook, Angry Birds, and Netflix, to help with some other apps happen, the slower hours. I try not to distant dock a space capsule to the space station, so I did not need all the bells and whistles of a $ 1,000 tablet. This tablet does everything I need. I can access the Internet, play the games I want, and movies. I have the Amazon Appstore, which has more apps than Google Play, and it was so easy … it’s hard to understand some of the reviews. You could not know was just how they do it, that’s fine … Not everyone can make it.
    My five stars is no comparison to other, far more expensive tablets … this is not a criticism, it’s a comparison. I’m reviewing the tablet based on their implementation, as it should for what it is. I can watch movies on Netflix without delay. I can play Angry Birds and Bejeweled. I can surf the web, and use Facebook and Twitter. The only feature that some resistive screen tablets have that this one does not pinch to zoom. Some displays have two R-sensitivity to touch, but not this. I will not lower the score, because almost every app allows zoom in / out button, so it’s not an inconvenience. This is a fun tablet, and in a time when many people need to be more conscientious of what they. With money, that’s a good option

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  • J. F. O'Neill says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars very useful: But know what it , 31 May 2012
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    target = JF O’Neill (USA) –


    This review ( What is it )
    This review is from: Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 9.16 Resistive Touchscreen Internet Tablet, Black MID7033-4 (Personal Computers)

    I have on the Looking for a good useful portable “computer” for a while been. you can see my reviews on various tablets on Amazon. This is next on my search for the device. I have a computer at home that I built and system that is very well suited for my needs, and I look for a useful portable device. I’ve heard and laptops, netbooks, tablet conversion laptops, touchscreen netbooks, tablets (iPad, Acer Iconia, etc) are used, have smaller tablets (Kindle Fire, Nook Color, many Coby Kyros models, etc), and found these unused devices in practice because of the constant presence of my smartphone (that is with me on the go) and my home computer (which used at home) . so that the portable devices unused
    Fast facts that it would be useful to know now. you want to play, then this device is not suitable for the touch screen requires pressure to work (but it will work with something ), which makes it difficult to use the multi-touch and precise movements of the most games needed. There is another model with a capacitive touchscreen, which would be a better bet. If you have Google backing, and are not willing to root a tablet , then this device is not suitable. It does not work often with the non-free Android applications on Android devices such as the “Gmail”, “Youtube” and “drive” apps come out although you Gmail, YouTube use, and can . Google Drive just fine on the Android browser, the
    very well integrated with these services What this unit itself is good hardware out of the box:
    * Reading a Kindle ereader app and other software is this. very good device for reading on a display with backlight. It is small and light and very easy to use.
    * Web browsing., the Android browser is very good and works very well with Internet services such as YouTube, Google Drive (Docs), e-mail services and other applications that you might have otherwise used in an app
    . * Other applications do not require swiping, pinching, or fine controls. video, audio and other passive tasks may be perfect for this. Tap and tangible personal property by is possible, but the pressure required, it may be slower and more difficult for more than basic use.
    * It comes with the hardware of USB devices to attach to it and USB keyboards and mice (also wireless) work very well with it (this pair with the browser, you have a very flexible device)
    . There are cheap devices that do not work well at all there. This is not one of these devices, but many people buy the Cyrus seems regardless of what it is, and then go to small classified fulfill reviews about it, technical requirements which it has not unique. with Capacitive touch screens are with limitations (they only certain types) of materials to work, but no one comes to complaining about that, because most people are used to such screens. This has a resistive touchscreen.
    The Coby Kyros models I have used and try as they came out (often sell or give them away after use, not enough of them) have changed a lot. They are still very low prices, and still very useful, but they also have the same limitations, namely, to know what you are getting and assess your intended use against what the device actually is. It is customary for the Coby Kyros units 2 and 3 stars on average because of the people buy them without regard to the realities of the technology concerned. This means that if a device has a resistive touch screen, it be different from a capacitive, and when not using the Google Market or come play (Play now, but the market then) App Store, which is not Coby guilt as those are not “free” in the same sense as the rest of Software
    . What makes this device better than previous models? It is the same low price, but has superior software and data in some areas. it has more hardware features than iProducts how the microUSB connector and hardware volume controls and is relatively open.. You can third-party applications with no problems (in fact, I came up with that out of the box checked) install the first thing I had installed the Amazon Appstore
    The main concern of mine is with a keyboard with the device, and with the new Google Drive, the functions of Android 4.0 and the characteristics of Cyrus himself, it is now possible for the first time a non-phone mobile device for me to be very useful. It comes with a MicroUSB USB port so you can attach a USB device to the Kyros. A computer keyboard and a wireless optical mouse worked perfectly when connected (no settings needed to be changed.) Android 4.0 is very suitable for the use of a mouse, which surprised me suitable. input into Google Docs in the browser was smooth and perfect. This changed in the Cyrus a very flexible device. It can be used with a keyboard and other USB devices, and it can be used alone. It is light, has a longer charge as laptops and … is read more

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  • hkfilmfan says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 86 of 91 people found the following review helpful:
     3.0 out of 5 stars OK price, but do not have access to Google Apps Play , 2nd June 2012

    target = hkfilmfan (Hillsboro, OR United States) –


    This review ( What is it )
    This review is from: Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 9.16 Resistive Touchscreen Internet Tablet, Black MID7033-4 (Personal Computers)

    Let me start by saying this review by saying I have an Ipad and did not expect an Ipad, when I bought this. I wanted to fit an inexpensive Android tablet with it seemed, and was an Amazon to play prime products, so I went ahead with the purchase. If I the tablet I received opened it immediately and began to play with it and found the interface very easy to navigate (after I figured out what was pressure needed to use on the screen). It is a resistive screen instead of Capacitive iPad so you have to press down harder on the screen than the iPad I found that a pen works better on this type of screen
    The 7-inch screen has its pros and cons -.. 7 inches is a little small to read on some sites and the need to use zoom in gestures are hard to master, and not on some websites. It is small enough to drop in a pocket and take with you. At $ 90.00 or I’m more comfortable with that besides the daily than the $ 500 iPad.

    the deal breaker for me was that you can not access the Google Play (formerly Market) store. It one GetJar app on the device that allows you to access some of the apps on Google Play store, but unfortunately the one I was interested not in GetJar gives preinstalled. If you are interested in certain applications, check the website first GetJar to see if they are available on GetJar before you purchase this tablet. I landed again, the tablet a few hours after I opened it. Amazon refunded my credit card fast, but I would like to have it if I had the choice for the shipping the tablet again without deducting $ 9.08 from my refund for shipping had. You have only offered a pre-paid label option and since I send for my home based business, I could have found more economical shipping options such as .
    Since I was mostly in the specific Android apps I landed interested buying a Android phone for $ 100.00 and it is not activated essentially creating a sort of Android “Ipod Touch” Bottom line
    .. – if you span an entry level tablet that is not too expensive and you do not care that you can not access the Google play market, this would be a good way

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