buy in the UK: Buy in the U.S.: Milo is the ideal place to rest your smartphone: Bluelounge website. A partner on the desk, bedside table or countertop, is dedicated to the device while in use or keep alone. Milo is a minimal and fun desktop accessory. Perfect for hands-free video conferencing, viewing videos or as a simple docking station. Milo can be easily used with the iPhone, iPod or other smartphones with a smooth flat hard surface. The units can be placed either horizontally or vertically on the micro-suction. Milo sits discreetly providing a dedicated home for your device. Available in black and white. Thanks for watching. Please like, favorite and subscribe! ============================= My Sponsors: My partner: Buy Cheap Tech [UK] Buy Cheap Tech [U.S.] Sign up for your FREE Netflix Trial: Kontrol Freeks buy here: 5% Code CAZUALL 20% via Code: liam20 CazuaLL http
Video Rating: 4/5

Pre-Order your SourceFed gear here: MIT professor and psychologist Sherry Turkle explains why people who feel constantly on their smartphones so lonely. Sources: to go for the 5 videos that we post every day or anything we’ve ever done. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Philly D OFFICIAL APP for instant updates: Remember to Vote for Lee Newton “in writing” on Maxim’s 2012 its 100 Hot List: Hosts: @ @ elliottcmorgan joebereta music: @ Hagemeister
Video Rating: 4/5

50 thoughts on “BlueLounge Milo Smartphone Stand [Review]

  1. UnlimitedSwift says:

    Commented WTF? CazuaLLUK uploaded, liked, commented, comments, comments, comments, comments, comments, comments, comments, comments, comments on comments, annotated and commented

  2. BethaSaysHi says:

    The solution for the phone crutch to go for a few days without a phone or only to them when making calls, and otherwise it does not have on your person. It’ll make you go out and see people, or do something constructive and fun to keep yourself busy. Help with the study. 🙂

  3. Lach1234 says:

    I hate it when I want to watch movies with my family, but they are so glued to their smartphones. Is to update your status, read online articles or play Angry Birds really so important as movies and dinner with the family? : O

  4. Kevinophamaa says:

    Lol i watch this on my phone and maybe, but I do not give a crap about international status so I feel like ppl would think the same way to me, so i dont tell how, in the sense

  5. davorunner says:

    I’ve noticed a tendency that when I first got a cell phone (if not everyone had one) was on etiquette, how quickly people respond, the kind of things you would and would not say, etc. For example, if you texted someone in less than 5 minutes were too eager. The next generation have phones, but no one explained this to them, so they text back or update conditions at every moment, and then everything goes out the window, as this type of thing spreads.

  6. Phelt54 says:

    I feel that smartphones help us stay connected socially; combat the loneliness. Smarphones become a piece of jewelry, women give men more attention if the person has the newest most high-tech smartphone. Women love to be social butterflies, men who are becoming increasingly popular and are socially connected to look more attractive in the eyes of a woman. Women are insecure and competitive which causes that they want to share the limelight with a popular man.

  7. PopFlipCatchStickRol says:

    I miss the days before SMS where people would actually call you how was your day. Instead now all I get are text messages from people. I think SMS is one of the worst “ideas” at all. As for Facebook … not even get me started. I admit that I have one, and I’m as guilty as anyone else on the posting states that no one really cares about … But it takes the element of human interaction and makes us lazy, because you are talking to does not really have to go with someone.

  8. MsEeveeMaster says:

    As long as you say just use your phone to people when to take you to his cares are good, but not their are so many people addicted to their mobile phones and social networks like you punished people talk more?

  9. CABSandwich91 says:

    I think it’s an issue of balance, the technology is not bad in itself, I admit, is not enough time in the real world, but the problem is the same with video games is a bit of well-connected and it helps us more, but to much has a negative impact on society, it’s good to be able to work with people all over the world, but at the same time it is a bad idea, even in the world of Web combine get banned. Hopefully people it wont be a sign to take the ban tech.

  10. BillyWillis89 says:

    This professor is correct. I’m so fucking sick to see that more people put their phone than reality. It is particularly frustrating / scary that so many people were staring her cell phone while they are traveling to see.

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