question of mine : Can I text on unlocked android smart phones
If I get an unlocked smartphone like android, it is possible to use normal functions such as SMS or via WiFi or GPS without a data plan Best Answer:

response from sick and tired
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5 thoughts on “Can I text on unlocked Android smartphones?

  1. nostar says:

    Ja.Sie can them.Unlocked term to use the phone with any GSM Sim card can be used to unlock does not restrict the function, such as SMS, WiFi or GPS not arbeiten.Allerdings, a provider like AT & T will force you to purchase data plan, they automatically add it to your account as soon as they detect your re smartphone.T with a mobile phone data is not obligatory, if you buy your phone from her shop and has not been with them ..

  2. globalunlock says:

    Unlocking simply removes the limitation by the providers that does not allow the owner of the phone to use on another provider. Thus, by unlocking it, the owner can use the phone on most providers.

  3. gsmallover says:

    An unlocked phone is a phone that can be used with more than one service providers can, making it go for a user from one carrier to another. It does’nt the effective use and installation limited to your handsets. So, if a phone is locked or unlocked its functions remain fully secured.

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