DROID RAZR Maxx by Motorola is known for its fantastic battery life. This smartphone taste Down comparison test you will see how the RAZR Maxx 5 to action to develop new Apple iPhone The iPhone 5 and the Razr Maxx are both decided very popular smartphones and Wirefly to compare them and see which is better. In this teaser Down comparison test you learn the differences between the Android-powered DROID RAZR Maxx by Motorola and Apple iOS-powered iPhone 5 to see. See how the iPhone 5 compares to five of the best Android smartphones on the market today: bit.ly among all available phones from Wirefly: bit.ly Check if you are eligible to upgrade: bit.ly Need help picking a phone? Use our Buyers Guide to help you find your next phone: bit.ly Can you estimate your data usage: bit.ly
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25 thoughts on “DROID RAZR Maxx by Motorola vs Apple iPhone 5 smartphone taste down by Wirefly

  1. pp3k3jamail says:

    @ XRosaSx2 and another thing I have download over 250 apps have a no I do not mean problems with lag, what my so ever now problem with internet at long or anything, and here’s the thing about iphone has no flash in browser Samsung Instinct from 2009 Flash had its internet android is better, what the iphone be popular is the name Case Closed

  2. pp3k3jamail says:

    @ XRosaSx2 not every Android phone is locked, you samsung galaxy s3 amount of android get phone unlocked can as for light and thin my Motorola Photon be unlocked easily, I sometimes do not even notice it in my pocket a lot of android phone easily as processor for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad-core processor and LTE lg eclipse my phone over the last year I have a tega 2 dual-core processor witch a lot of tech heads say it’s the best type of processors

  3. wirefly says:

    Hello xVeVoOnMyDr01Dx, we try not to be biased in our reviews. If we really think the iPhone is better, say so, and you will find that shopping in some videos sehen.Wie phone, comparisons are very subjective. For example, battery life important to me and it would be hard for me to choose the phone with less battery life than winning a glimpse down. With such super-smartphone, it comes down to the features of a phone on the most important ist.Thanks you for watching!-Dawn at Wirefly

  4. xVeVoOnMyDr01Dx says:

    I wonder if these taste Downs are biased. They do not carry the iPhone, so if you would recommend it to say not to buy potential customers for your product.

  5. teumeunossoconvosco says:

    For me, both are very good. IPhone World: iPhone 5 being the highest. Android World: RAZR maxx is (for me) the best. Windows phone world: lumia 920 is the best. Camera World: lumia 920 is the best of the best. Buy if I were to buy the trio.

  6. xRoxaSx2 says:

    @ 243kingfrank Well, the iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm and RAZR maxx is 8.99 mm, which makes iphone5 1.39 mm thinner than RAZR maxx .. As for the widgets, I already told you, any jailbroken iPhone can get countless widgets.

  7. xRoxaSx2 says:

    Oops, post accidentally pressed. : P,,, nevermind, I must still say that both phones are not bad. And as important as that is your opinion. If like a little leaner and faster phone with limited adjustments, if you, the jailbreak voids the warranty or you want a big screen and great design with lots of cool stuff, it’s up to you. Sorry if this is not well written. Hope you all have a nice day and thank you for your video Wirefly. :]

  8. xRoxaSx2 says:

    For all Android fans out there. I totally agree with you all. Even though I’m an iPhone fan, I agree that iOS is crap when it comes to adapting really. The battery is not good, but not bad. What makes me love the iPhone 5 processor is the animal has, the thin and light design and the jailbreak. A jailbroken phone has a lot more customization than an Android phone. I can get more than 160 + widgets on my iPhone, I was able to theme everything in iPhone

  9. Louie Rousso says:

    Scott, I currently own a Mac Book Pro that I use to edit audio and video. Would it get a great benefit for the iPhone 5 to sync with my computer, or would that Raxr Maxx do quite well? Thank you!

  10. GamingAndRockin says:

    I just look at it like this. The world and the ability of the smartphone is a large open courtyard. Android and trying to explore all the farm. While Apple is on the other side of a dog on a leash. You can explore part of the yard but have many limitations.

  11. bmurda51 says:

    My main point I do not think we would have Droid when. Not for Steve Jobs We could not even Apple, Bill Gates, but Apple was that much more awesome, because Bill Gates existence. So where is the new man to carry the torch?

  12. bmurda51 says:

    Hey, I have the Maxx and it is the largest screen on a mobile phone that I ever had. I also like that it’s a bit too heavy. I know on my feet at work too much, and be sure that it broke a phone in my pocket at all times, instead of finding it on the floor a few levels down from where I work. I’m not biased, but Apple put a base of innovation that would be impossible for them (or anyone) to keep up with. Mr. Jobs set the bar high, but it is a minute before we get another Steve.

  13. Damian6Robin says:

    They were so! OFF on Round 2 say the camera phone pic quality both were the same, are you blind? the photo on the I5 is much better than the RAZR, I like the screen size on the razr BUT sorry! I just can not stand the freaking green dude! Resolution is a big decision between getting the I5 I5 or the razr and eat the droids of weitein $ 20 adapter for the I5’s no big deal really

  14. davidlm6974 says:

    Just because a few brain washed sheep line up every time Apple releases a mobile phone does not mean the iphone is better. The iPhone is nothing more than a status symbol phone. People think they’re cool by having a. The iPhone 5 does nothing to try and catch up to Android phones, which are now setting the standards when it comes to smartphones. Im sorry, but the iphone will lead from here always revenues, but no longer the leader in smartphone technology!

  15. wirefly says:

    If I was going to buy one now I would go RAZR Maxx 100% of the time. Battery life on the RAZR is not so great. Right now, the RAZR Maxx only $ 20 more than the RAZR.-Scott is on Wirefly

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