Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update wave begins in Korea
Now users in South Korea update their Galaxy S III smartphone of the latest Android version. According to Samsung, Korean website, users can Jelly Bean via Samsung Kies (and possibly OTA, as well) to update. The upgrade brings more …
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MegaDroid project is a virtual city with 300,000 Android smartphones
Researchers are also looking into the possibility of Android smartphones in distributed applications on such a mesh network. In this way, the phones need not rely on a central network, or even a Wi-Fi network to communicate with each other.
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MegaDroid program simulates 300,000 Android phones , created by
The software is run for the simulation of up to 300,000 different Android devices all at the same time, and even generate fake GPS data as if the phones were actually in a city the streets dragged by users. This allows prospective app …

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