Google Android devs: beautiful Tablet make apps, there you go ?
The first Android tablets began to appear about a year and a half ago, but the company is still having trouble Third optimized design applications for their larger screens. To combat this problem, Google has put together a new tablet …
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3 thoughts on “ Google Android devs: beautiful Tablet make apps, please?

  1. A. Dent "Aragorn" says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD (updated) , 2nd August 2012

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    This review is from: Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16GB) (Personal Computers)

    My first test was a Nexus 7 compared to the first Generation Kindle Fire and the Nexus was a clear winner. Now I have updated my review for the Fire HD. It’s a close call but the Nexus ‘4-core CPU and its pure Android, open makeup make it my favorite 7-inch model. However, the rest of my family pulls the fire HD, because it such a great commitment (Amazon) media consumption is pad.
    We have (pre ordered) with a Kindle Fire since September 2011 and I’m glad we ordered. Soon after the purchase, it was adopted by our daughter. She uses it to draw and paint, she watches Netflix for kids later she learned how to search Youtube for arts and crafts “like” videos and play them (mostly free) games Amazon Appstore. The fire was not a full-feature tablet if it but we missed the hardware defects, off-mainstream Android and us locking out Google much larger app store because the price was right, and because making the 7 “screen size makes it easier and more portable than the “full size” 10.1 “alternatives. We’re still happy with our fire, but we are happy with Nexus 7, our second 7 “tablet. Because Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Android tablets
    both very similar in screen size to sell for the same price, are I’m going to compare the two as I write about my experiences with Nexus 7. If necessary, I will discuss the differences between Nexus and the fire, there are not respecting those differences. If a feature is present on both tablets I will only note its existence. I will br prepend features that ‘with an equal sign when both tablets also support missing from a plus sign if the Nexus implementation manager or fire it and a minus sign if a function implemented better by fire or an explosion.
    /> HARDWARE (Nexus 7, but it’s a close call)
    The Nexus comes pretty close to what (we normally (written in July 2012) the latest and greatest.

    + GPS Fire missing it)
    + Quad Core CPU Dual Core vs Fire
    – 16/32GB models of Kindle vs 16/32GB for Nexus
    – Dual Antenna for Wi-Fi on the Kindle vs. an antenna Nexus
    = Accelerometer
    = backlit 1280×800 screen identical specifications and look forward
    = front camera both br =
    = Micro USB port = microphone either
    Neither the fire or the Nexus come with memory expansion ports or a rear facing camera. The Micro USB port, you can connect flash drives and even USB-powered hard drives, but the fact remains that if you have a Nexus 7 or buy Kindle Fire HD with built-in memory stick amount. same time I will testify that I have not used yet on my much older 8GB 16GB XOOM. A rear-facing camera would be a plus.
    CONNECTIVITY (Nexus 7) connected
    The better a tablet, the more useful it becomes. Both the Nexus 7 and the fire HD lack 3G/4G capabilities (Amazon is a very expensive model have 4G later this year ), mainly notable based on Wi-Fi to stay in touch with the world, but there are some differences between the two.
    = WiFi 802.11 b / g / n =
    Amazon Appstore
    = + Bluetooth
    Near Field Communication (Fire lacks) There are two devices that support it, for information touch of each other. Not widespread at this time share.
    + Google Play (Fire restricts access to Amazon Appstore only)
    I listed in the app store connectivity mainly because Amazon made it impossible for it (unless you hack your Fire) from a place other than their own business Amazon store and I believe you Amazon’s cloud services are limited. There are no such restrictions on the Nexus. You can Amazon Cloud, Google, or use someone else’s, if you so desire.
    SOFTWARE (Nexus 7)
    + Android. Nexus 7 built-in comes with Android 4.1, the latest version as of this writing, there.’s very likely that it expanded. to future versions. Simultaneously, it is not likely that the fire will be upgraded to custom Android 3.x ever It is possible, but not probable.
    + Chrome. It happens to be my favorite browser. impossible Amazon Chrome on the fire. Fire’s browser is not too bad, but I personally prefer Chrome.
    = Flash. Nexus 7 or Android 4.1 rather does not support Flash that’s too bad but it’s because Adobe decided it is not supported on Android 4.1. Kindle Fire HD does not appear to support Flash either.
    BUILD (a tie)
    I like both tablets look and feel. Both the Nexus 7 and the fire HD tablets are strikingly beautiful. A small problem for the fire it is only too well hidden power and volume controls, but it’s something the annoying probably for the first few days only, is to reach for it is second nature.
    PRICE (Fire HD, but it’s a close call) … Read more

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  • D.L.C says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 127 of 129 people found the following review helpful:
     4.0 out of 5 stars A few problems, but overall a good intro Tablet , 18th August 2012

    target = DLC (United States) –


    This review is from: Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16GB) (Personal Computers)

    Full Disclosure:.
    I own an iPad 3 and an iTouch and a four, five year old Motorola goes silent phone
    I will not go deep into the hardware specs, you can read other reviews for that. Let
    address some of the perceived flaws and some of the real shortcomings of the Nexus 7th
    Storage 1). 8GB and 16GB go (the two variants of the Nexus 7 comes) can quickly quickly in this day and age of HD movies. I took my 16gb iPad on a trip and I with movies incredibly fast, exhausted, even after I shrunk to at least bearable quality. The Nexus 7 does not deserve some criticism without micro-SD slot, and I was not going to buy it for this sole reason. But like all good Android tablets, there is a solution
    It is called USB on the Go. Essentially a USB OTG cable (like $ 1 on ebay), you plug it into your Nexus 7, download the Nexus Media Importer app (currently $ 3 on Google Play) and then connect what side hard drive or flash drive that you want. The largest size external media I have (and access to) could combine, is a 3TB Western Digital. So much for 8/16 gig limit! The only problem I encountered is with large drives, the Media Importer app (which streams media, and thus a way of coping with the Nexus 7) is that it crashes when you stream media from folders to the large amounts of files contain try as 3,000 mp3s. If you are cheap, you can get much of the same stick via Mount and a file manager (Stick Mount requires rooting) to do. But the Nexus Media Importer makes it ridiculously easy. Best $ 3 I spent on credit.
    With OTG and flash drives, you do not need the cloud. Ever. Seriously, who does not put in the MicroSD to force Google Cloud should be fired decided.
    Oh yeah. And that requires absolutely ZERO roots. Take your Nexus out of the box. Download the Nexus Media Importer app. Buy the cable. Connect your USB stick. You’re good to go.
    Starting today (05/10/12), I was able to establish a canon point and shoot, iPad 3, iTouch, 4 small flash drives (less than 2 GB), a 1 TB and 3 TB external hard drive (Western Digital), an SD card reader (with regular and microSD via adapter) and was able to pull / stream files from all of them (FAT and NTFS formatting, no exFAT at the moment, sorry!). For some reason, my old Motorola ZN5 (old eh?) No longer registered more, but as long as you are stuck in a relatively new device, you’ll be fine. One exception I put perfectly in my 9 year old iRiver player and streaming music.
    Do not forget that you can also insert OTG and (wired and wireless via dongle) use keyboards and mice without rooting. Mice generated a cursor when plugged Also be aware that OTG can compute devices from your Nexus 7th You work for real gamers, PS / 3 controller as well. Not all games, but games like Dead trigger them just like they do, work on a PS / 3. As can be seen that! On an iPad or Kindle Fire

    2) display. Yes, it’s not an iPad. It is also less than half the price of the new iPad. Text is crisp and clean and even colors are largely made good. IPad not well done, but you save $ 300 well done. It is quite appealing, not iPad answer, but better than many other tablets are. I have no complaints about it. As for the screen separation, this seems more of a problem with the 16GB version than the 8GB. I have no ghosting issues either.
    3) camera is pretty awful. The forward-facing 1.2-megapixel is to inspire nothing. And there is no back camera. I honestly do not know why it’s just a great thing. You look like a tool with the back camera. Who is doing. Also, Olivia Wilde (13 on a total possible score of 10 home fans!) Would like a douche with a tablet back camera video / pictures look make. Odds are, you have your phone with a decent camera. Use this. It is strange but no app for the camera, the 7th with the Nexus But it’s a free Nexus 7-camera app launcher.
    Apps 4). Although the Apple ecosystem has far more apps for Android tablets as designed makes. But most of your apps, like Skype, Facebook, office utilities are all there. In addition, you can instead install stuck on iTunes Amazon App Store nearest the preinstalled Google Play Store.
    5) No cellular connection. Fair enough, but it has the ability to get to a hotspot. Meaning, just tether your phone. Granted, it costs money, but the fact that some 80% of all tablets sold, Android and Apple wifi only suggest that cellular connections is greatly overestimated on tablets. If you are one of those 8 out of 10 people who do not have cell connections are on your tablet regardless, it should not matter obviously
    6) No Flash -. This is technically a half false. While Jelly Bean does not support Flash off the bat, there are free updates to flash and change your … Read more

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  • Nicole Jamison says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 139 of 146 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars Great tablet! , 21st July 2012

    target = Nicole Jamison (South Carolina) –


    This review is from: Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16GB) (Personal Computers)

    Where do I start I pre-ordered the 16 GB version? Google Play. Since it arrived, I had barely put down. The decor was simple and it syncs easily with my Gmail account, automatically downloading apps I had bought for my android phone. The touch screen is very responsive and the system is . extremely fast “Buttery” is a good way to describe it is always NO LAG It is easy but also feels durable yet the descriptions of battery life seems just -…. approximately 10 hours of surfing the web I had improved voice quality heard words, but I had no idea they would that be good. was any question, I tried to answer even with my southern accent. Previous attempts on my Android phone was not nearly as successful. This is an excellent product.

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