question of CHRISTINA : How much will it cost to add two lines to upgrade smartphone to my family plan for Verizon
I have a Verizon family plan and have 4 lines. My son has a smartphone, but my daughter, husband and I are not. I know that my son the phone will cost an additional $ 30 per month because the smartphone. When my daughter and I to upgrade to smartphones, is my son $ 30 fee to cover our, or do we have to pay an extra $ 30 for each additional smartphone? Any help is welcome! Thank you Best Answer:

response from Nick F
Your sons will NOT cover you. Each requires its own smartphone data batch (The $ 30 you pay for your sons). It should be noted that if you have his phone before a certain date, it is still unlimited data (data will be used for streaming applications, downloading, watching videos, etc.). You will not have this option. This is where Verizon gets expensive relatively quickly. I would recommend to go after your contract either Sprint or T-Mobile.

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  1. Jim says:

    You must pay $ 30 per every smartphone. The $ 30 is for data on his phone. Data plan is $ 30 per line and a smartphone data is Mandatory. Therefore, each phone line to pay the extra $ 30. I hope that solved your request.

  2. Curven Nb says:

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