caress the 8S and 8X from HTC, the company’s first Windows Phone 8 phones. Please note: We are not allowed to film at the handsets on the home screen. Full review coming soon!
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25 thoughts on “HTC 8X and 8S Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Hands-On

  1. anurek123 says:

    You can stealth gray and black with satin have the lumia 920th I hate the shiny shit too btw. if this phone is cheaper, I think it will be as the lumia 920th i get the flora cent or lemon yellow phone: D

  2. andrew miller says:

    Also does anyone know if kinda windows phone 7/8 a reminder or task app like iOS and Android i plan on using my phone as a place to write down their homework

  3. andrew miller says:

    I think the gray / yellow 8s looks dope, but the 8x has much better features and has small a larger screen, but that is the current standard for the Android phones

  4. unidigistudios says:

    HTC makes the best phones ever, I can not really say I from a HTC device that looks “ugly” may think. This is just a beautiful piece of hardware, absolutely stunning phones, I think the HTC phones looks better than any Lumia out there, but the 920 even better specs / features like a better camera and a better image quality (LCD2 dosn’t suck, but it’s not as good as Nokia offer)

  5. MackAttack94711 says:

    Yes, I know. But I was on a cell phone that both color and gloss (sick lame black and gray phones all over) hoped. HTC combines these two aspects in this amazing looking phones.

  6. BigRedZebra says:

    pfft htc are better than apple and not four times the price it products, and do not use that crappy ios. but I have to definitely agree with Samsung, there build quality is terrible

  7. BigRedZebra says:

    I hate to say it, but the new WP8 not most adjustment of all major os’, which may be more definitely android. best looking is questionable in any case a very good looking os. but considering wp7 was the fastest mobile os would I have to say that this is definitely an excellent os

  8. MackAttack94711 says:

    Augh! I am completely torn between this and the Lumia 920th The lumia has the amazing pure view camera and is almost guaranteed a solid phone by Nokia but the HTC 8X projects looks be so beautiful. If not using a Nokia lumia colored with a matte finish (I think the high-gloss looks ugly) I could come only get the 8X.

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