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3 thoughts on “Incipio Dual-PRO for iPhone 5 – Retail Packaging – Black Obsidian / Obsidian Black

  1. CrazyG says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars my wife convinced of an Otterbox Commuter case Incipio , 27th September 2012
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    Excellent case. I bought this at the Verizon store for $ 20 on iPhone 5 launch day, as it was one of the few cases on day 1. My intention was for a Otterbox Commuter (my wife has a commuter on their 4s, and liked it) go, but that was all they had, and the Incipio cases received good reviews for 4/4S. The inner material is a smooth rubber material, not too dissimilar to the Otterbox Commuter, but much thinner. It is thick enough to provide the protection of small falls, impacts, but thin enough to neither the slim size and attractiveness of the phone. The outer shell is a very smooth (but oddly tangible) plastic. I can not say that I ever really seen anything like it. After I ordered my wife and Incipio case for their 4S to the commuters (she was jealous)
    I know it and replace gray, and you have no excess dirt, lint, or noticed scratching on the case, as a Another reviewer pointed out. I hold the phone in my breast pocket, and it fits as well, even if I wear jeans. Twice I use the phone, but left both times were smaller drops (approx. 12 “), and the case did its job and protected the phone. This is a bezel around the front, to protect the screen when the phone falls down.
    FYI, the case does not come with a screen protector, as do some. Personally I like to have something on the screen, so I buy a package, because they are not as expensive. I ‘m sure you can get away without if you wanted
    update. Apparently I have been corrected is the case if ordered from Amazon with a screen protector come
    <.. br /> Update 2: I have the case for nearly a month, and I’ve dropped my phone about a dozen times (not on purpose, in a very clumsy) Case holds very well around the lip … The front has protected the screen, and its shock-absorbing enough to protect the phone if ut falls. (the worst decline was 4ft onto a concrete floor). I know / have gray and it starts a few scratches / scuffs to show what is to be expected, I suppose, given the harsh treatment . the phone I suppose that’s why I always fall in a better case than the phone so far, so good Keep checking for 5 stars are

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  • Valentina says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars Every iPhone I was wrapped in Incipio Dual Layer Skins! Love their product! , 29th September 2012

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    This review ( What is it )

    I have Cyan Blue with dark gray cover. I own iPhone 5, black. Perfect fit – like a glove. Outside case is a pretty big improvement Salicylic iPhone 4 skin, which I myself –
    feels nice and smooth and slightly grippy on surfaces. Colors: Blue is not as flashy blue as they point to the picture, it’s just a nice, muted green / blue tone. Gray interior is dark! I love how almost black, the screen is perfect.
    I have pictures of my blue Dual Pro to image library.

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  • Mark G. Scheuern says:
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     5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent example for the money , 24 September 2012

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    It goes on easily (put the soft inner lining on the phone, then let the hard outer shell on), fits great, and seems to offer good protection without adding too much volume . the power and volume buttons work well, it’s nice and “grippy” -… it feels good in the hand obviously subjective, but I think it’s pretty good-looking, even the white and gray looks great on my white . Handy great I also like the Apple logo is covered on the back My only nit:. I keep my cell phone in my pocket, and I wish it would include interface to help the
    lint I have an Otterbox left: Commuter to order, too, but I will be surprised if I liked it much more than

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