question of milanlovich : Is it safe to buy things online with an Android smartphone
I bought my Sony Xperia arc and I was on my phone just on the “Adroid app market” and I want etc buy games, music, but I need to use my credit card, but I’m just wondering if its safe to make online purchases on my Handy.Sie hear all these stories about people in mobile phones so I was just wondering what steps I should take to ensure that my purchases are sae safe and get chopped Best answer:. ‘ / strong>

response from Ɲyla ⌘ ♀
Mostly yes, just make sure you have a very secure password that hackers are not easily guessed.

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3 thoughts on “Is it safe to buy things online with an Android smartphone?

  1. D S♦T♦A♦R♦S says:

    , Get an anti-virus, spyware and malware program all together in a program, surf to the net carefree and buy apps, not have spyware. Other alternative is to use a prepaid debit card, put some money on it and you do not have to worry about your credit card or debit card into the wrong hands. The anti-virus programs you can find for your Android phone in the android market to try a test version before buying, in a test version of me as Lookout. Good luck

  2. BlkBear says:

    If you are shopping online, they always do from secure websites and never OPEN wifi that anyone can join in, and certainly not in any OPEN RANDOM Wifi you log on the road, especially in public places, which are not part of the business In the moment, because they are often looking for people with portable WiFi hotspots in order to monitor connections .. I have to buy things online. year on my computer and phones and have never had a problem If super worried, open a checking account with a debit card and use this account only for online purchases, and only a limited amount of money placed in the account. In this way you can control how much is always at risk if something happens. I do this with all my online, eBay, PayPal, type purchases. Yes, there may be a dispute over money in the account to be transferred just to buy something, but you never about kümmern.Eine Another thing is, you do not save your credit card and credit profile info online EVERYWHERE! Always type it in or encrypted wallet, or wait until you. On your computers that say about shopping, to make $ 100

  3. ANDROID says:

    Hi.Just ensure that the website that you are buying from is genuine, and you should be safe. I have bought things from Amazon and other sites with my android phone.No problem here!

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