new Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 is a tablet / laptop hybrid along the lines of the Asus Transfomer series. Does Lenovo offer have what it takes to compete? Or are they going to have to offer better prices and more features? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. ————————————————– – stay connected to Android Authority ——————————————- goo . gl: ——— https Subscribe to our YouTube channel
Video Rating: 4/5

blog post: For those of you who do not have the Xbox Wireless Controller file, you can download here XDA topic I: XDA-Dev Forum link: Terminal input : su cd / system / usr / Keys / mount-o remount, rw / system cp Vendor_045e_Product_0291.kl Vendor_045e_Product_0719.kl Vendor_045e_Product_0291.kl chmod 644 chmod 644 Vendor_045e_Product_0719.kl exit exit [Restart system and enjoy! ]

49 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 review!

  1. William Fradette says:

    expensive, not good looking and crappy version of a transformer … Seriously, how can this joke be competitive with even the TF101? not even jellybean! come on! an imitation 18 monts later …

  2. 77616e6b79 says:

    I do not want to get stuck with damn nvidia chip and Lenovo’s CEO has shown. a grate much of a social behavior in parts of his bonus with assembly workers that’s why I buy this tablet.

  3. skatetechmore says:

    Hello, I really do not like to find fault on a comment. So sorry I do, I started a channel with reviews and unboxings and much mehr.Es would really appreciate a sub or a quik look at my Kanal.thanks!

  4. psycho2097 says:

    thx gr8, video. I mostly play on my laptop, so I have a Logitech F710 controller. It is the best PC controller, emulates both the Xbox controller (for “Games for Windows” titles) and is programmable for older games. Now I have recently thought to try it on my GNEX SHADOWGUN ion, n guess wat? works perfectly on my GNEX natively n n n 7 (both 4.1.2). no camera spin, no file modification, not even require root, tail does not even require app, android all by itself

  5. ErikDerp says:

    ive not work several times with the files provided in the correct directories with root explorer even tried to set it tries to amending the kcm file small but nothing there to say that it can not be found! : (

  6. oOXENONOoN1 says:

    Thank you very much: you go to an OTG and mini-HDMI cable buy for my Razr, so it’s a game console with all the capabilities of a computer: D HD movies and surf music ^ ^

  7. EFmw2clan says:

    In another video you said that the left and right trigger does not work. This is probably because the real “joystick” as well. They have their own value that goes from 0 to 255. Maybe we could change to have this configuration, they act as keys?

  8. CrzzyLegz says:

    Going to do this on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks for the video! Good work … I have a few questions. Obviously, if we all configure terminal emulator like you we do not have to do it again? And how does the mapping of the buttons? I’m new with controller on my devices. Thanks again great vid. Am going to share with others.

  9. GoProAmatuer says:

    Question – I have a nano controller 2.4GHz receiver for my Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and Wireless Xbox 360. Certainly, since they are both on the same wavelength, it should be / a way to get the controller to my Nexus 7 pair the receiver so that it is far more portable (not a USB to Micro USB cable) be?

  10. rjdunn808 says:

    Not sure about a list, but you get the tegrazone App. He recommends games to take advantage of the Tegra hardware, but it also shows features including controller compatibility.

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