– The new Lenovo Smart Phone S2 is a version of the Chinese market, LePhone S2 Android smartphone that Lenovo has put together for the western markets. It features a metal-matrix outer frame for strength, and is powered by a 1.4 GHz single-core processor. The 3.8-inch display has WVGA resolution and the entire unit weighs only 120 grams More Info:

15 thoughts on “Lenovo Smart Phone S2 Android smartphone demo at CES 2012

  1. SpethEwer5819 says:

    LINK LenovoWesentliche G565 565 to 15.6 Notebook – 1.066 GHz, 39,62-cm-DisplayFur more information copy, please YOU the Amazon link above Your Browser

  2. magmum1992 says:

    Why Lenovo made a phone that can be like the great iphone compaired, as the name “Lephone iphone4s and s2 and the galaxy s2 the border are near the same. Lenovo can not his own design and name? It is a shame for the Chinese product.

  3. archdevilneverfails says:

    I love this phone my Pre WebOS is dying and this looks with the gestures and cards as the best replacement for mich.BTW is coming to North America?

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