Nokia unveiled its first smartphones to the next version of Windows, a big step for a company that has put its future on an alliance with Microsoft. (Sept. 5)
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10 thoughts on “Nokia Shows Off New Windows Smartphones

  1. NetwurkpunK says:

    Look at the windows phone app market and read the reviews for popular applications such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc. They are really bad, especially when compared with their Android and iOS counterparts. This lack of app quality and quantity is my biggest problem with windows phone. The interface is fantastic, but useless without good apps.

  2. micmoi55 says:

    In my opinion it is better maintained than iPhones and other mobile phones gibt.sie, be the hardest phone. personnaly, if I have it now. I actually repair cell phones locally and 85% of the time, it’s the glass, which I also recommend Gorilla glass, it’s hard, it’s just flushing the edges of the brach.Ich want it, that you, your opinion on this phone Buy what you want to write?

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