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of please come visit: 9.7-inch IPS capacitive 10-point multi-touch screen, 1024×768 pixels resolution Rockchip RK2918 CPU @ 1HGz approximately 16GB / 1GB RAM Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Wifi / g-sensor / HDMI output dual cameras (5MP and VGA output) 小鸟 版 This device is very thin, it features an aluminum back cover, high construction quality. Trayability large is used, just a six-pack 😉 SPB Shell 3D runs very smoothly on it. In my opinion this tablet hits the Cube U9GT2, easily the Onda Vi40 Elite and the Ainol Novo7 Aurora. On my blog wediscuss all types of clones ciphone, sciphone, i9, kiphone, Pinphone, all 3GS phones apad, ePad, cube u9gt2, Teclast, bmorn, onda vi40 elite, android phones, i68, smart phones, dual sim mobile phones , cect phones, Windows Mobile, Airphone, google phones. Other models like Meizu M8 MX, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Galaxy, i9000, i9100, Arc, Meizu M9, HTC, ZTE Skate Orange Monte Carlo, flytouch, x18i, Star B63M and of course the Apple iPhone 3G 4 4s are welcome, too. Firmware flashing, android, fw modding, MMS, GPS, GPRS, WAP, WLAN, WIFI, UMTS, internet settings and configurations are also just some of the concerns you would like to discuss here.
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Video Rating: 4/5

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  1. james banko says:

    hey col.zap, the specifications here is different edition with the bird? 0.3 front and 2 shall not mp rear cam, 5 10, cuz I’m confused just reading the specifications provide all Chinese merchants and these are the specs.what you describe more generally how the PIPO android ..? Pls. clarify thanks

  2. Robert Csepei says:

    Hello Colonel. How are you? I have a problem and hope you can help me. I bought a momo11 of e-bay, but the seller has given me something else (can not connect him more). I did a lot of research and I think it’s a clone of momo11. It dont have the logo, and in the device info it says its “unknown 9703”. So the problem is that the capacitive touchscreen is not working as well. Sometimes it is working, but sometimes it’s like its laggy. I mean, if im trying to make a line, it is to make a lot of points. Any idea?

  3. SchlumpfiHB says:

    If I were you, I would see at the new tablets with Rockchip RK3066 CPU, it is a dual-core CPU and is therefore very good for games. I do not have one of these tablets, though.

  4. NovaWrath says:

    A question. Is it possible to root this thing? I would because my uncle has it to me so im wondering if it is worth it as well as if its even want to be possible. Please reply. Thank you. Oh, and some of the settings have. Chinese or something for them Can you tell me how to change it?

  5. Arvi24ify says:

    Is the default browser has pinch-zoom? I mean, it is smooth? If i make google search results can not be zoom … but when I open a site like Facebook, the zoom is a bit laggy … its the same for ya? thnxx

  6. Arvi24ify says:

    Hey mate can you help me please … I recently buy Ployer Momo11 bird version … and if what skype video call … I can clear my friends c … and to make my own pictures below to see clearly .. . but on the other side … my friend introduced me in different colors with a mixture of green and pink bars: p … can help you plz?

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  10. FLOSSYCARTER says:

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  11. dimanpt says:

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  12. Remington Jackson says:

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  13. TheLuis3798 says:

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  14. shyjuproxy says:

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  15. insertname17 says:

    For those who say foxfi not on the market, you can go to the website and get es.Ich have it, as it has in the market, but my friend there. Their website Seems to work well.

  16. Javafuel says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 328 of 334 people found the following review helpful:
     4.0 out of 5 stars a good entry Android phone , 21st May 2011

    target = Javafuel (Los Angeles, CA United States) –


    review is from: Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I’ve been using this phone for a few days and now here are the pros and cons

    Inexpensive – Awesome flexible plans with no contract, you can. . Switching between plans
    to adapt to your needs on a monthly basis – attractive design and compact size
    – Good speed, not the slowest nor the fastest, somewhere in between (in May 2011)
    – No blowware installed
    good job Boost Mobile – Clear sound for phone calls & decent music player
    – Durable, I made him a couple of times from waist height in the parking lot and it shows little. Dents

    Cons – Fixed focus low res cam (2MP) no LED. It takes OK pictures in good lighting conditions, the video quality is unusable. My biggest problem is that they can not read standard bar code is. Because of its fixed focal length But it reads QR code without problems
    -. CDMA network covers less area than GSM network in the U.S.. . Most countries in the world will work with GSM network, so it will not work outside of U.S.
    – embedded SIM card, which means it can only be used on Boost Mobile network, maybe Sprint … BTW, Boost Mobile with Sprint network. You can not have any contacts from the SIM card phone easily
    -. Screen resolution. It’s not really a con, but it could be if you are used to finish hello smartphones. It’s the same resolution as 2gen ipod touch
    -. Battery, which is a problem with all smartphones
    -. Tiny built-in memory, it is a big negative. Especially when the navigation app downloads maps in its internal memory. Sometimes I have to delete some apps to make room for the cards. Have (see my 1 year update below)
    Overall, I recommend it for causal users. Check out their coverage in your area before hand, although
    things you want to buy if you want to use this phone
    – .. Micro SDHC, 2/3 of the internal RAM occupied by OS and others. 2GB Micro SDHC that came with the phone is not enough for most people. Make sure that you. The Class 6 or higher version of Micro SDHC It makes noticeable difference in speed
    -. Car charger, they are not all equal. The main difference is how much power the charger provides. If you do not get one, provides the minimum power, then your phone will be much to charge while the phone with 3G and GPS for navigation. Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger This seems to be a good
    – extra battery, if you are always on the phone
    <. . br /> Tips for new Android phone users, especially beginners phone as this one
    – Read carefully app permission. When you install an app, it will tell you what data on your phone that it accesses. Many “free” apps collect information in the background, often info that has nothing to do with collecting its function.
    This is not just a matter of privacy, it is drained and the phone slows down and let their battery. If you have a slow response and really bad battery problem, then it’s probably because there are too many apps running in the background. This kind of apps send information collected periodically over WiFi/3G, which is a big battery drainer. Get a task killer app, it makes you kill applications running in the background.
    usually stay away from apps that is accessing data has nothing to do with its function. For example, reading a workout app that wants to access mobile phone contact list and account information. You know it’s data mining your phone for marketing purposes
    update. Is there a work around for scanning bar codes at bookstore. Google has an app called Shopper or Google Shopper. It can scan a book or CD / DVD cover of cell phone camera and look to make a price, an amazing app. Amazon App store gives away a pay app for free everyday, sweet
    6/28/2011: Apparently Boost Mobile is 10 cents / minute Pay as You Go plan is available for this phone yet. But $ 50/month unlimited everything is still the best deal by far. Most of 4G data & phone plans from major carriers costs about $ 80 + taxes = $ 90/month, plus you lock for two years. Sure you get the latest smartphone with 4G speed for “free”, but it is not at all free. Here is the math, you pay $ 40 more per month with other carriers’ plan. So $ 40 x 24 months = $ 960 includes, this is not the shrinking discount. One has to wonder whether more 4G speed and newest smartphone worth $ 1000. Finally
    government levies taxes and fees, if you set up automatic payment to pay Boost Mobile account (it makes no sense at all, but the government wants more money). To avoid this, you need to deposit money into your account through recharge card each month manually. Luckily, you can buy electronic recharge card from major online store. You will send the top-up code, then simply copy and paste it to your boost mobile account via the website
    09/13/2011. I have … Read more

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  • Doug Kampe "DK" says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 169 of 171 people found the following review helpful:
     5.0 out of 5 stars I surprised how people reviewing this phone! , 21st June 2011

    target = Doug Kampe” DK “ (Hyattsville, MD) –


    review is from: Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    and I have this phone for almost 2 months It has disappointed at all. Indeed, quite the contrary, it is a small phone, but I like that personally. I can not stand it, how big have gotten phones like the EVO. Also, I do not know what people who mean “the phone is slow.” What exactly do you do personally to work, the phone is good for me I multitask all the time:. cycling I stream Pandora, the path of my position with MyTracks and respond to the occasional text ALL AT THE SAME TIME I. stream music with Grooveshark in my car while navigating with GPS using Waze (awesome app btw). never a problem! So, frankly, I’m confused, what people talk about “slow.” I also boost the shrinking Plan am so, my monthly bill $ 45 a month for unlimited everything (including data). I’ve been on Boost for about 8 or 9 months now.
    I read reviews about this phone, because I find people interesting critique . More often than not, make people a big mistake: comparison with a high-end phone like the iPhone, EVO, Nexus, etc. Look, it’s not one of those, and if you have a top of the line Handy want, stop comparing this phone to those. No, it does not have the Hummingbird processor. No, it does not have a 4.3 AMOLED display. Personally I do not have to worry about these things because they expensive, and if I get a phone that has these things, I was in a 2-year contract for 3 or 4 times the monthly cost’m locked. When is a little better spec’d phone is important to you, for top of the liner to go! However, I’m techie, middle class guy that wants as much as I can for as little as I can get get it. Combining this phone with Android 2.2.2 (I just got an update, so that higher may be), and the Boost unlimited plan with shrinkage (eventually $ 35 per month) fits the bill perfectly for me.
    There is less “entry level” Android phones out there. Sprint Zeo is far far far inferior to this phone and the screen is not double touch. The Prevail is the. Boost Sprint CDMA towers used with this phone, so I never without service. you have to get in very remote places to lose reception, and these places will most likely void any cell coverage are not apart of the monthly cost satellite phones role. Finally, maybe I’m lucky, but I have not shut down and freezing problems that others have experienced. Sometimes this is a poorly designed app, not the phone or the operating system. I pulled the battery maybe 2 or 3 times in total. I’ll finish it with a little math lesson.
    we compare t Verizon VS Sprint VS at & VS Boost. Thus the first 3 smartphones from $ 0 to $ 300 with a 2-year contract. The Prevail is MSRP of $ 180 so make an apples to apples argument, let’s to standardize the phone to $ 165. I’m doing this because you will find the prevail cheaper or more expensive. UNLIMITED contract with the big 3 companies range from 69 per month (SPRINT) to $ 120 per month (Verizon / AT & T), so let’s just say $ 95 per month on average. I should note, Sprint plan is really good if you have family and friends abroad. you incur international charges for incoming (received) calls for the $ 69 plan per month. I have family overseas and Boost does not do this, this is weird, because they are part of Sprint. This , here is the math.
    Big 3 = phone + (# of months * monthly cost)
    = 165 + (95 * 24) = $ 2445 over 2 years.
    Boost = Phone + (6 months * $ 50/mo) + (6 months * $ 45/mo) + (6 months * $ 40/mo) + (6 months * $ 35/mo)
    = 165 + (300) + (270) + (240) + (210) = $ 1185 over 2 years.
    THIS IS A DIFFERENCE OF $ 1260 over two years! after you thinking about how hard it is $ 1,260 for the average person ( to make myself). So if the top of the phone is important enough for you, then that’s great and you should do it. However, as I said in another review, personally, I would prefer a trip to Europe !, and I get $ 1260 for the flight to do just that

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  • E. Walker says:
    style=”margin-bottom:0.5em;”> 118 of 122 people found the following review helpful:
     4.0 out of 5 stars span> Good phone, great deal , 24 May 2011

    target = E. Walker


    This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I have this phone for a few weeks, it is my first smartphone, so. I’m no expert, and I do not expect much.
    Overall I’m pretty happy. The $ 50 per month unlimited plan from Boost is a great thing. to the web speed is decent and you can web pages fairly easily . see It has an e-mail app, which allows you to collect POP email, which is handy
    CONS: The keyboard
    – This is a great time is almost impossible on. Enter the on-screen keyboard. give I ordered a pen. I have fairly nimble fingers, and every fourth letter I type results appear in the neighboring letters. There is a kind of “swype” application that could help. When To send a lot of SMS messages, this is probably not the phone for you … or at least you should try
    The battery – as it seems, takes a day or maybe three hours if you
    No Flash support
    PROS are:
    The price
    the size – it is thin and small, but that does
    also a small screen It is android and there. Various applications, or you can write your own /.
    You can put a 32GB card in this and use it as an MP3 player
    it comes with a GPS app that has the traffic – but I have not tried
    The screen changes orientation when you
    the phone UPDATE:
    I have this phone for a year now, and in general I’m pretty happy with him there. really change your life, to get a smartphone -. they are small computers I have found so many useful apps, and it’s really nice not to have to call count minutes or data volume I will never return or in limited minutes. data limits. I hear internet radio for long trips, download recorded books from the public library, check email, and more and more small things … iPhone users dare not do everything
    with their data limits. I’ve gotten used to the screen size. The battery lasts a bit longer since the last upgrade, but it helps to have extra batteries and a car charger. Lightning / youtube question seems to have been resolved by one of the upgrades. I bought a 32GB memory card, and now the phone as my mp3 player
    Boost service was good -. good enough coverage, reliable voice mail, no screw-ups with the account because I have paid on time, it’s only $ 40 per month

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