question by Michal G., CZ : How come smartphones can place to be determined by wi-fi
I know that many smartphones (at least those with iOS or Android) can wi-fi, because they use more detailed location recognizer as wireless network when GPS is turned off (or does not exist at specific device). Although I have configured a couple of Wi-Fi networks me and I never entered their physical location in the settings. – I did not even have the option to do this on a Wi-Fi router Then how come wi-fi can be used as a location source Best Answer:

response from A
It uses a large database of wifi base stations and their Standort.Jeder wifi base station has a unique ID.Wenn, a Smartphone with GPS and Wi-Fi is assign, where there is any wifi base station and can see what the signal strength at this point. This information is then uploaded to a central server which stores the information. All phones have raus.Dinge choose an option like the google street view car and this information because it herumfahren.Bei using Wi-Fi, position the list of access points that are visible to the central server, which on protocols and it works from the most likely position for this combination of bases and wifi signal strength looks gesendet.Das whole system is based on the very reasonable assumption that wifi base stations based not move very often. When she moved about then everything would fall over.

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