Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs iPhone 5 and other new Galaxy smartphones in screen size – Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with a 4-inch screen compared to an Apple iPhone 5 briefley. Also on the tablet are a Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and also 4-inch HTC Desire V (X with dual SIM)
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LINK: Sharp presents its 5-inch 1080p FHD (1920×1080) prototype display with 443ppi pixel density at CEATEC 2012 in Chiba, Japan. Release information is currently lacking, but Sharp claims it’s mass production of this full-HD mobile phone display, so the beginning of 2013 seems a good starting point for consumer devices. We imagine Android smartphones or phablets will be among the first to see the high-resolution screen. The prototype TFT is produced with continuous grain (CG) silicon instead of the newer IGZO transistor tech, but the company says this is due to certain advantages. LG and HTC are also start looking to 1080p mobile displays of their own in the coming months. 5 型 高 精細 ディスプレー 参考 出展. CONNECT WITH U.S. visit us: Follow us Subscribe to our channel: Like us: Circle us: If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel
Video Rating: 4/5

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs iPhone 5 and other new Galaxy smartphones in screen size

  1. SmartKeitai says:

    To be honest, it does not really matter … You would not be able to clarify his true render a 1080p video on YouTube either, at least not with my camcorder has to be seen in this dimly lit areas of the conference.

  2. dan1996DO says:

    You could have a 4K display? Remember when we had the max QHD and 720p over the top but now it’s just the norm … We humans are greedy and will always try to beat us.

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