Smartphone vs. Tablet - The Ultimate Comparison and usability test

Smartphone vs. Tablet Comparison – – Sascha and Nicole are comparing their smartphone and tablet platforms together and go head to head in the ultimate usability test
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24 thoughts on “Smartphone vs. Tablet – The Ultimate Comparison and usability test

  1. BestXGrip says:

    In the 3rd World countries like mine, smartphones definitely win simply because it is more efficient. We just do not care about all the over-the-top resolutions and gaming skills if you do not make more money ausgeben.Und all smartphones, a tablet. What to make for a tablet may be better able to do a desktop or laptop even better. Therefore possess both impractical if you want to flush money down the drain.

  2. BuzzyBe says:

    Wow I like this kind of criticism. It’s funny, interesting, and it shows to boot some relatable examples. Although I do not support my judgment only on that review, it will still be a big factor in my decision. Thank you!

  3. Finance0809 says:

    I do not understand how tablets would be better then laptops for travel, either way, you have to carry a backpack or whatever, to carry them in. smartphones you just need a bag.


    WTF are you smoking with this video was one of the worst I’ve seen on youtube, it was tablet vs. smartphone yet, instead of relying on power, they focused on the size of (the tba could do a child), they took the time to film that could easily fit into your pocket and still freaking kidding on the tablet the better you me …

  5. antibo617 says:

    Pretty soon smartphone equals the price of the laptop is because the high-tech hardware in them. I use only for bored time smartphone. Why do I need tablet when I get my PC and PS3. Soon it will be replaced by the tablet

  6. Florea Oka says:

    Smartphone all the way. You can use a laptop for the same price as a tablet, but you get windows os, hd games, CD players, as opposed to the tablet … Despite a tablet is a little more compact, but not much

  7. mkader17 says:

    Great video. It seems, the tablet is characterized as viewed media, it does still others, and with the additional screen real estate, multi-task efficiently. The best place I can see to use it in the office, but I have a PC gibt.Ich love technology, but not in daily activities I want to enjoy my 7 “screen like. The world around me as opposed to walking With the smartphone screen size allows me to do something, put it away, and back to reality.

  8. AlexMakuch says:

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  9. bunnyhallow says:

    A lot of people have been nominated and won some Darwin Awards because they are SMS / straight while walking, the ice rink is part not count because they are “probably” aware that the review of your electronic devices when skating is not wise and can hurt and other skaters

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