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smartphone Aaron back to week 24, the numbers in the Official Journal smartphone PhoneDog to discuss the rankings! Although the Samsung Galaxy S III wins for the sixth consecutive year, the HTC One X comes in second place to stay. In addition, the iPhone 4S, global Galaxy S III, globally Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX make appearances as well. Event will be a crazy season for mobile, so stay tuned, as the notes are likely to change. As always, your vote counts, so be sure to cast your vote for the 24 weeks from our official smartphone rankings page! Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Vote For Your Favorite Smartphone: Win Phones:
Video Rating: 4/5

Video Rating: 4/5

49 thoughts on “The best smartphones: Week 24

  1. indywrenchin1976 says:

    A few more reasons iPhone sucks compared to android. No widgets, no live wallpaper, no notification light. No transfer music, pictures or files via Bluetooth. No free music download apps. Little to no adjustment. No 4G.

  2. jurrell1986 says:

    5 cont. that’s the only thing you have named on android, which does suck. But Apple has its own form of it. siri what? its only for the latest iPhone. What if I have a iphone 4? screwed in, if I want I siri Arent? if Apple put out as many phones as you see google you would have the same problem as a missing update android. they have only one year old phone and its missing a key feature. I know you said, that’s all your mind, but it’s best to not best u in general. say next time imo

  3. jurrell1986 says:

    1.You said that you really have an iPhone? so you dont think that is biased? because you see only an iphone? 2.everyones iphones i cracked her either. new or has a case you cant go completely naked with this phone * I know you can go naked with any smartphone, but the glass is particularly sensitive on this phone also Risse.3 again. “Depends”? which depend on a? Problems? voreingenommen4 again somehow. and no more can not now laufen.5 Market Apps. If you want the updated software link a.

  4. TheSlipKnot981 says:

    I’m all those who: a. The new Android project has jellybean butter and never hinkt2. My Droid 1 is still good as my ipod touch IST3 long gone. I dont ‘know what “depends” are4. You do need to jailbreak erhalten5 for many applications. I agree. It’s much easier to newer software to aktualisieren.Ich am also using an iPhone 4s, but my Nexus 7 works better than my iphone and it’s not so boring in terms of UI

  5. sondrek13 says:

    @ I disagree Cena30009. Apple iPhone is not a phone i use ImaGene kann.Ein. Tiny Display2. Do not iTunes3. Gehen4 extremely difficult from iPhone to any other phone (Android or WP7). Überteuert5. It does not support most Formate6. Boring UI I find more difficult to bedienen.7. iOS only sees the smae on any device (iPod touch, iPad and iPhone) 8 No Micro SD9. Non-replaceable Akku10. 4 and 4S looks exactly the same (I know it’s not a good reason, but if a company, a new product that makes me wan

  6. cena30009 says:

    Pal to give sick, why apple is the best one. for his Fließfähigkeit2. Durability of the equipment (durable) 3 Hängt4 missing. Supports all android apps unlike erfordern5 eradication. etc just for newer software versions aktualisierendas are my experiences as in an iPhone 4S, I used to be a Galaxy Note, a piece of shit and before the note i used an iPhone 4, U hav to agree, Apple is the best <3 is

  7. darkdax83 says:

    Ah .. well, there is only one Galaxy S3-holder and it’s really bulky, so it’s not as nice as I really .. may have a ton of options for stand alone cases are for the iPhone .. This also goes back to the consistency of the Nexus and there are actually more Tripod Bags / adapter for him than the S3. I could made a generic support for all phones, but it’s just not the same. Situation here is really up :/ I guess my main point is that with the iPhone, it’s just a lot easier … mixed

  8. appleism100 says:

    Quick to judge. I love it. My opinion. And certainly there are many who call with me on this, so it’s still on the list 🙂 me senseless because I etc the worlds most valuable company on Android not achieved much better.

  9. darkdax83 says:

    Haha of course but even then it is difficult, as many as you can find for the iPhone. When I say accessories, I do not know, simple cases and screen shields, I mean anything you can imagine. The hype of the iPhone makes people want different things, to provide practical or impractical. I wanted to use my S3 on a tripod, I do not hold much need to buy a real camera, but I could not, because no one makes an adapter for it. I would have no problem paying $ 20 for an iPhone case with a tripod socket.

  10. HAWXLEADER says:

    Am I the only one to realize that this thing has messed with the capacitive touch interface? The menu button just crazy when it was close … And yay … wireless charging .. but with contact Were not we there yet? Power Matt Samsung …

  11. bmw2go11 says:

    I think everyone should have done what htc agree and add charging contacts on the back of Telefons.Dabei would help with 2 things: fewer cables in the work area and in Fahrzeugen.anstelle of pump current in a magnetic field as intel do here, it is as if they were directly connected.

  12. InfniteDoctor says:

    Call me stupid, but what are the advantages of wireless charging, if the distance that your device does lie with the charger, is shorter than that of the charge by wire?

  13. igeekone says:

    Cool, but not practical. Inductive charging is very slow and, as mentioned, does not hold a lot of laptops cost you charge another device. So with the laptop plugged in defeats the purpose. A USB cable is cheaper and loads much faster.

  14. TheYouhao says:

    WTF. This is back on! Now, when the phone rings you can not pick up even without stopping from being loaded. I could do that before, when I had to do a cable! anyone remember the definition of technology? its about peoples life easy for intel! not something you stick right next to the laptop. what is the point FRIKING!

  15. warmaker911 says:

    Except for the fact that you can not take it, take a damn call or do something else, when it right next to the laptop must stick to recharge. Laptop batteries are not too long-lasting either so it’s all a huge waste of time. Please do not waste money in the future for building products which come from a mediocre level thinking. Technology is on the simplification and improvement of feasibility in the same time.

  16. halfcab123 says:

    Newer laptops are gnarly on the battery life, but the problem with the loading thing is like with my USB cable, I can still use your phone while its charge so what the damn difference?

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