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What's My Favorite Phone?

see for yourself!

25 thoughts on “What is My Favorite Phone?


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  2. swaggaright11 says:

    So I tryna between the iPhone 4 and the Motorola Photon q 4G LTE by Sprint, but the pros and cons I do not 4G LTE here in Victorville cali only 3g and the prices are for the photon choose $ 50 and the iPhone 4 is released but besides all tht which is better, I can always throw on a keyboard for the iPhone 4, such as dental floss has to choose in one of his videos, but idk what

  3. boby6 says:

    I want to know what you consider to be the dopest phone ever made? Which phone was just perfect in every way. Obviously, old cell phones are not possible, but the time had the best everything?

  4. ltigre2031 says:

    yo flowed’re right, I used google wallet at cvs pharmacy in la, the cashier just stood there and looked stupid when I swiped my gs3. thinking of you when the shit happens. gs3 ftw, can not wait for the upgrade jellybean improve by Sprint, too scared to root phones

  5. PurpleFunkLover says:

    … fam good comparison, it takes depends on what you like to come and do not like and since gettin ‘my HTC EVO 4G update if a cat can, I’m cop’n that EVO LTE

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