This petite Jewelry Armoire is sized for economy and function. Features an Ebony Black finish with flip top and inset mirror, scalloped skirt, and spindle turned legs. The top compartment is divided with half ring pads, half two squares. There are side swing doors with fully lined interior compartment and one row each of five chain necklace hooks and matching rayon cord. There are three small and two large drawers. The first drawer has six squares and the second has four. The third, fourth and fifth drawers are open and fully lined. Lining is plush black, 100% rayon. Top and leg assembly. Open 27.5 x 9.375 x 46 tall

3 thoughts on “Powell Ebony Jewelry Armoire

  1. M. Stewart says:

    Functional This item is why you don’t buy products on line. The face of one drawer had a chip in the paint that exposed the wood. Around the chip, the finish was damaged. I decided it was easier to mask the damage than to return it. I bought an ebony pencil and filled in the hole. The face panels and legs are the only wood in the product, the rest is particle board. It is made in China if that makes a difference to future buyers. The drawers and the side doors function well and provide a lot of storage.

  2. Alex says:

    Beautiful Armoire! I love this armoire. It’s roomier than a lot of others I’ve seen in the same price range with an extra drawer I think. The legs and outside of the piece is solid wood. The drawers are a very thick particle board. Works great, easy to put on the legs and top. No problems whatsoever. It looks so pretty in my bedroom. It will take me a while to grow into it. lol. I highly recommend it!

  3. MunX says:

    Will never purchase again from Powell The product came extremely dirty with Styrofoam. There was also some chips on the side panel, albeit minor. The legs were missing the necessary screws to attach it to the base. I contacted customer support via email and fax and received no reply.Pros: The price I purchased it at the time. Lots of space for Jewelry.Cons: Customer support, dirtiness, and lack of hardware. Had to go to home depot to get screws…

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