With double doors and handle for added convenience, your Great Crate will provide a lifetime home to your dog. Fully assembled and ready to set up, this crate has been designed with rounded corners and close wire spacing for added security and strength.

2 thoughts on “Precision Pet Black Great Crate 2 Door 36 in. x 23 in. x 26 in.

  1. Jaina says:

    Nice Crate This crate has been great for use by our Labrador puppy. The crate divider is excellent for changing the size of the crate as she grows. She is a heavy, strong little girl, and she is teething, so she can destroy most toys within a few minutes. She has chewed on the door repeatedly and it has not even bent slightly. The man who runs my local shelter uses one for his pitbull, who has chewed his way out of every other crate EXCEPT this one, which was why he recommended it to us. Our puppy also likes to dig in absolutely everything… the carpet, her current bed, dirt, etc., and she has tried to dig her way out of the plastic tray on the bottom of the crate, to no avail. The scratches barely even show up in the plastic.As an added bonus, the brand that makes this crate also makes machine-washable pet beds that fit their crates perfectly. The pet beds have plenty of cushioning while still being washable, which I love.

  2. M. Keefrider says:

    Happy Cage Owner We have two of these cages in the 36″x23″ size. I have used them for several dogs over the past 4-5 years (3 German Shepherds, a Texas Blue Lacy, and a Golden Retriever). They have withstood years of use, as well as travel between my house and my parents house for when the dog visits them. It is easy to fold down and set up again. I would highly recommend this cage. Currently, my brother has one for his dog, I have one for my dog, and I’m thinking of getting one to keep at my parents’ house.

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