3 thoughts on “LEGO Architecture White House (21006)

  1. BrickHouse says:

    White House–the best of the architecture series Of all the architecture sets, I think this is the best. It’s a bit repetitive (there are two mass-made parts which are then put on as the windows and spaces between the windows) other than that, the build is pretty fun. If you have big hands or fat fingers this set will be a challenge to build, as all the pieces are on the tiny end.Perhaps the most interesting thing about this set is the instruction booklet. In addition to building instructions, it is full of history tidbits about the whitehouse as well as photos.If you like lego buildings, then I’d say this set is a must have for you. When finished the set is rather small, and there are no minifigs. I wouldn’t recommend this for a child, the play value for them is fairly low, it has no minifigs. This set sits on a bookshelf in my place. If fifty dollars is too much for a bookend, then I would recommend a different lego set. There are plenty of others that sell for fifty which have alot more bricks and minis…

  2. vizguru says:

    MUST BUY FOR ANY LEGO FAN, OLD OR NEW!!!! Receiving a Lego set during the holidays or on a birthday are some of the fondest memories of my childhood. Being an avid Lego fan growing up and keeping all my original sets from throughout the 80s for my own children to play with, discovering this new series of Lego sets brought all those memories rushing back. What an original concept! It’s an excellent learning experience on these modern architectural marvels. I have purchased each of these sets except for Fallingwater, the Guggenheim, and the Empire State Building but they are next on my list. The White House is an extremely satisfying build and rich with detail. With the medium of the Lego brick offering endless building possibilities, this set captures the beauty and majesty of the White House. I hope this series is successful and continues to grow with new sets! I have rediscovered a nostalgic passion from my childhood and it’s a very rewarding experience. Don’t hesitate to purchase this set!!!

  3. J. Blake "bibliophile mother" says:

    Lego White House I have enjoyed the entire Lego achitecture collection. It isn’t just a building experience, but also an opportunity to learn. Each set comes with a beautiful book that desribes the building or monument and details the structures architecture. The White House was, of course, an honor to construct and learn about at the same time. I loved this gift. I am 13 and in middle school.

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