2 thoughts on “LEGO City Police Forest Station 4440

  1. J. Ingram says:

    This is the best set I have bought in a long time First off, it came with two 16X16 base plates!!! I find that Lego often skimps on the base plates and then the set is lacking durability. Because it has the base plates I am sure that I won’t have to rebuild it for quite awhile, my kids usually destroy the sets with the puny bases in no time.The second thing I really liked were all of the fun pieces. There is a crowbar, a pick ax, a saw, two pieces of mail, two little gold bars, two Lego dollar bills, a cute little red mushroom, a backpack for a Lego man that you can fill with his money and gold, and of course, the reason I bought the set, the bear. There were also some Lego pieces that looked like a brown brick wall, they were great accent pieces. I will upload a picture of those pieces.The set also included several vehicles, both of my boys could drive something and not fight over who got what. There is a little ATV for the robbers; and a helicopter and a car for the police.The red mailbox of the…

  2. Diana says:

    Amazing Price! This set cost $80 at stores and I was so thrilled at being able to buy it for less! My son had wanted it for his birthday so we bought it and he has not stopped playing with it. Great detail and a lot for your buck.

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