2 thoughts on “LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136

  1. lollipopsandlattes says:

    Great Basic Zoo with loads of play potential As the other reviewers noted, this is a sturdy set. I purchased it a while back for my baby, who shall be two in late December. This isn’t her favorite set (Winnie the Pooh still holds that record), but she does enjoy the animals, and she absolutely adores the car (definitely the favorite item in the set). She’s still not much of a builder, but when I (or my husband) take the initiative and start taking out pieces to build things, she quickly toddles over to imitate to the best of her abilities. She sometimes has difficulties assembling the legos, but at her age, it is to be expected. Still, the bright colors of the legos (and enthusiasm from the family) keep her trying until she succeeds at “connecting” one-three pieces. She’s not building zoos, at present, but considering that these Duplos are significantly smaller than the Megablox set that she has become quite proficient with, I’m pleased that she’s getting challenged. An added bonus is that her big sister (7), who was NEVER into…

  2. Andrew J. Riemer "Andrew James Riemer" says:

    Another great set–animals and wheels! We’ve had lots of Duplo blocks in our house over the years. Most often, we avoid the themed sets, but this is one of the exceptions. The Lego Duplo My First Zoo set has everything to make it a great set–another person (the zookeeper), plenty of animals, and a set of wheels. Add this set to a bucket of regular Duplo bricks and you’ll renew your kid’s (kids’) enjoyment of their Duplo blocks.Even on its own, it is a great set. It provides a general theme, but kids are not limited to thinking “Zoo”–my youngest daughter had the little animals at a tea party within hours of opening the box.If this is your first Duplo set, consider picking up along with this one, or as your next purchase. [Note: the link goes to one specific listing for the 5380 building set. It may be listed by multiple sellers on Amazon.com, so shop carefully.]You…

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