Platform:  WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP Publisher:  SELECTSOFT PUBLISHING Packaging:  JEWEL CASE Rating:  EVERYONE 25 Great Reasons to Return to the Good Old Days! The 1980s saw the dawn of the home video game system. One of the most popular was INTELLIVISION Intelligent Television! In ten years it sold more than 3 million game players and 10 million game cartridges. It became the favorite of many who still long to play these games today 20 years later! Rediscover what the frenzy was all about: these pioneering games with their simple blocky graphics are as fun and addictive today as they were back then! The Following Games Are Included: Astrosmash Star Strike Space Armada Space Spartans Night Stalker Buzz Bombers Thin Ice Vectron Snafu Pinball Shark! Shark! World Championship Baseball Super Pro Football Super Pro Basketball Stadium Mud Buggies Super Pro Golf Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Reversi Backgammon Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Sub Hunt Hover Force B-17 Bomber Utopia System Requirements for Windows Windows 98 Me 2000 XP 266 MHz Pentium or faster 32 MB RAM (64 MB for XP) DirectX 7 16-bit DirectX compatible sound and videocards QuickTime 3 or later for Windows 8X CD-ROM drive System Requirements for Macintosh Mac OS 8 9 OS X Classic mode 120 MHz Power Macintosh or better 32 MB RAM QuickTime for Macintosh 8X CD-ROM

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  • 25 Great Reasons to Return to the Good Old Days! The 1980s saw the dawn of the home video game system.


  1. Naida H. Moore says:

    We are not smart enough to use this Our family has happy memories of Intellivision games so we hoped this edition would work for us. Unfortunately we cannot play the games. They load on the computer (Windows 7), the music plays, the games play. We cannot work the keyboard keys that are programmed to mimic the old Intellivision paddles well enough to actually play anything. We tried to connect the XBox 360 controller to the computer but we cannot figure out how to reprogram the keys. We tried to ask the seller how to…

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