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3 thoughts on “Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL Reviews

  1. D. Bodington says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great little thing, September 10, 2010
    D. Bodington

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    This review is from: Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL (Electronics)

    I just got my new shuffle in the mail today. I needed something for running and dreadmilling when it is too snowy/icy to run outside.
    My initial impressions:

    Great little thing (small)
    strong clip
    easy to use (hooray for buttons!)
    simple, multi-position switch on the top lets you play in order or shuffle. Voice over button is easy to use and works well.
    Easy to sync (choose playlists, genius playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, etc…)
    Looks good (see my notes about online photos at the bottom)
    Long (15h) battery life.

    EDIT: A “hold” function has been added, just hold the center button to activate and deactivate, good feature. It would be useful if I had just gotten mine, but I learned how to use it without the feature so I don’t end up using hold much.

    None. (As far am I concerned, there are cons like “no screen” and such, but if you order this to get an ipod shuffle, not a nano or other mp3 player, you will not be disappointed. I was not let down at all).

    EDIT: After some thought and use, I thought of some cons.
    $50 for 2gb is not a great price compared to other mp3 players.
    2gb might be limiting to you. This just means you have to choose or let itunes choose what music goes on there carefully.
    Because the buttons take up most of the front of the ipod, it can be hard to use the clip while it is turned on without pressing the next button.

    If you know what an ipod shuffle does, need a reasonable music player that syncs with your itunes, and don’t need more. GET ONE!!! I can’t imagine you will be let down.

    One last note: From all the photos online, you can’t really tell, bu this is not a matte finish ipod. The finish is shiny, but not mirror-y. And actually, no one will care about this, but the top and bottom are matte silver. It looks good.

    EDIT: 7/6/11 I put it through the wash last month, oops, but it’s still going strong!

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  2. black velvet says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Headphones suck!, September 21, 2009

    The headphones that are required to use the new ipod shuffle are probably the poorest example of product design i’ve ever seen. Based on its size, portability and Apple’s marketing, you would think this would be a perfect product for exercising. That is where you would be wrong! The controls on the headphone wire are right up next to your ear, and unless you exercise without sweating, that tiny box is doomed to get filled with sweat. I bought this ipod specifically for running, but after about 3 miles the controls start acting totally erratically, randomly and constantly switching between songs and playlists, or alternatively not playing any music but just talking at me with its annoying computer voice. I can only attribute the behavior to sweat getting on the control box. Today I even tried covering the box with plastic wrap and tape, but to no avail. I was so frustrated with the ipod’s crazy behavior on mile 6 that I actually ripped the headphones out of my ears and threw them in the ditch. Not kidding. Looking for some alternative to control it, because I do really like it’s size for running, and the new playlist feature is great…but not when it’s acting crazy. I’m so irritated that Apple overlooked this crucial aspect of this product.

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  3. J. Stafford says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Worst Apple product ever, September 22, 2009
    J. Stafford

    I bought the new iPod Shuffle as a replacement for my 2nd Gen Shuffle (which I loved) which died. I already have a iPhone which I use on a daily basis. The Shuffle is just for use in the gym and when out running.

    I have just returned the iPod Shuffle as I have had nothing but problems with it. The first one I bought died completely within a couple of days and was duly replaced. The replacement I was given caused me nothing but headaches and so is now on its way back to Apple. I won’t be getting another.

    Each time I used it, it either stopped working, wouldn’t change tracks or kept on repeating the message “playlist 1, playlist 1…” which was so annoying that I had to stop using it and am now looking for an alternative product.
    The reason it does this (so I am told) is because the controls on the headphones are not moisture-proof! Mine died on me during slow jog in which I was hardly sweating at all! So unless you are one of those people who never sweats, this product is completely useless.

    I know that Apple are working with 3rd party headphone manufacturers to produce alternative headphones, but why should you have to pay more just to get headphones which actually do what they are supposed to do?

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