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My answer: Something I can’t live without lol!
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50 thoughts on “Computer Basics Terminology: What is a Hard Drive, What Is RAM

  1. videopublish says:

    Argh. I just accidentally removed a nice comment trumbachd1 made on this video. 🙁
    YouTube *really* needs an undo button for the “Remove” feature. I wasn’t looking carefully and clicked remove instead of reply. My apologies.

  2. videopublish says:

    Many things can cause your computer to bog down like that — it could need more RAM or a bigger hard drive, or it may not have a fast enough processor, or a good enough video card, or if it’s an Internet-based game, your connection may be slow, or you could have a virus or it’s even possible the antivirus program is “confused” and trying to defend against the game. I had that very problem with GTA IV bogging down in cut scenes until I told my AV program to ignore it.
    Many possible causes.

  3. videopublish says:

    Blue screens can be caused by a variety of problems. It is possible (and this is an educated guess since I am not able to examine the computer myself) your PC may have bad RAM — the actual part may be bad. On the other hand, it could be a driver issue, or something else; I really can’t say without checking it out myself. Hope that makes sense.

  4. videopublish says:

    Again, it’s like a tabletop or work bench — a space the computer needs to do its work. Think of taking a book off a shelf and placing it on a table to read it — that is like when your computer loads a Word document off of your hard drive into memory. When it’s done it “puts the book back” so to speak.

  5. videopublish says:

    Yes, you probably can save documents (like Word documents, pictures, music, etc.) if it has the free space. Some companies use a second “partition” (most likely, drive E: is not a second physical drive, but a section or partition of the only hard drive in the computer) for the restore information, so you want to be careful not to disturb that in case you need to restore to factory settings in the future. But otherwise, it’s probably fine.

  6. JOHNEY101 says:

    hi i just want to ask a question i play alot of video games on my computer and my computer is slow and lagg alot so is this the solution to make my computer faster or should i just reboot my computer so its good as new?

  7. jdogisdxruler12 says:

    I have a problem with my computer I always get a blue screen. It says that i need to do a memory diagnostic, or that i didi not install somthing right. I have 893mb ram on a 32-bit is that the problem.

  8. 98gamer says:

    I have windows vista and all my things save on vista (c:) whatever that is but that is filling up an I have seen this other thing it is called the data (e:) but it is empty and I am not sure if I can save anything on it do u know if u can?


  9. videopublish says:

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. YouTube limits people to 10 minutes per video, so I wouldn’t be able to put them all in one. Aside from that, people learn best in short lessons, which is an important principle I follow with my training and so I wouldn’t combine them all in one for that reason, either. All of my computer terminology lessons that are on YouTube, plus others are available on my site.
    Oh, and I don’t have any videos on technical writing, sorry. 🙂

  10. freschaa says:

    HI!Nice work.Please let me know how can i get an access to the complete computer terminologies in a single video on you tube.I also would like to know if you have any training videos on Technical writing.Thnx

  11. nanciesweb says:

    @oddradish I was seven – I honestly don’t remember. 😀
    I do remember the tandy 1000 my father bought. It was a “screaming” 128K and can do spreadsheets! It had TWO 5″ floppy drives.

    The salesman at Radio shack assured my father that it was completely upgradable.

  12. nanciesweb says:

    I actually remember doing something similar to that program in school. – move the “turtle” to draw a pic.

    And remember the “printing” and “thinking” screen while waiting for your homemade card to print?

  13. dietrious says:

    I remember watching this video when I was about the same age as the kids. I was mesmerized. I recognized the video as soon as the kids started using the line drawing program.

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