Our thinnest 20″ all-in-one in an affordable, space-saving design made for at-home entertainment and productivity. Now with optional built-in battery for portability.

2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 3043 i3043-5002BLK 20-Inch Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop

  1. Just Another Jarhead says:

    Dell Inspiron 3043-5002BLK Slow performance out of Box. Easy to get it to perform much better with two upgrades. The Dell Inspiron 3043-5002BLK with Battery is a disappointment as it comes out of the box. Setup is super easy and the 19.5″ Touchscreen gets good resolution. Wireless keyboard is okay but mouse is clunky and roller tends to stick after a few months use. The biggest disappointment is speed. The computer is slow as heck. It takes a couple of minutes to boot and it seems like forever to load Internet Explorer, Outlook and everyday applications. Being computer literate the problem is two fold with the computer. I got the computer as a gift and before I opened and used it the return period had elapsed so I was stuck with a slow All-In-One Portable..Problem one is it only has 4GB of Memory .Doing some basic analysis the computer is using almost 50% of its memory after booting up and loading 1 application. As soon as you run additional applications the computer has to start moving information from memory to the swapfile on the hard disk very often as you use 3 or more…

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