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2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3052-5020BLK 19.5 Inch Touchscreen All-in-One (Intel Pentium, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD)

  1. trisha says:

    Dell with windows 10… Very clear, crisp picture. Large screen allows for easy viewing of websites and streaming services. With all of the hardware compacted into the display (monitor) the computer takes up very little room and can easily be placed at desk, on kitchen counter, or anywhere you want really.Easy set-up. With all of the OS and other preinstalled apps and options, 1TB is brought down to under 900GB. Navigation of desktop and start menu is easy. Good response time; so far keeps up with everything that I can think to have open at once.Can easily access files on your desktop from other devices on the same network with OneDrive.Keyboard is cheap; considering what is paid for the system, would expect a little higher quality keyboard/mouse. These are a cheap logitech wireless pair and not as good as a set that could be purchased for $25 at wallyworld. Really Dell?Still don’t like internet explorer, so one of the first steps for me is downloading a different browser…

  2. atmj says:

    Some things to consider when you buy this type of computer SETUP:This computer is fairly light, I think the shipping weight was 16 pounds and a good portion of that was packing. Having purchased computers for many years, this was amazing to think a monitor, computer and keyboard could be so light. Opening the box and setting up, could not be easier. You have to plug in the adapter for the keyboard and mouse, plug in power and you are set. I goofed up when I first turned it on and did not realize it was on, and turned it off and on again. Not surprising I got an error, which is never a good thing in a new computer, but like I said, I may have caused it. It has never come back.Following the quick start instructions were easy. I had my wi-fi log-in ready and having had recently had to sign into a new computer, already had a sign-in and password prepared. You don’t have to have a Microsoft account to do this. Mind you, that is not obvious the way the screens are written.Soon my computer had several hours…

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