With powerful processors and high-capacity hard drives, you can count on full-size desktop performance in a slim, space-saving design.

2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3646-1000BLK Desktop

  1. Eva Sidera says:

    Great PC, wireless desktop. I bought the desktop personally through Best Buy.The website informed me there was 6 USB entries for 2.0 & 2 entries for 3.0. I opened the box, counted only 4 ports of 2.0 (two in front &rear) and only one 3.0 in the rear. The Amazon description also falsely advertised this PC several weeks ago when I went to purchase it, but I see they;ve updated the correct information. When I called them, they wanted me to bring it back and they suggested an adapter of multiple USB entries. I got so angry, I wanted my money back. Thing is, aside from this, the PC is fantastic. So I politely dismissed their suggestions & took it back home. I was caught in their web, along with many customers they’ve misinformed..Now, if it’s one thing that impressed me the most from this desktop–it’s incredibly quiet & small. I keep it nice and safe on my desk, you can barely hear it. I adore the simplistic interface. And what a relief putting away my Ethernet cable away–the umbilical cord…

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