Increase your storage and your possibilities. With powerful processors and graphics, this desktop packs big performance in a compact design.

3 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3847-6934BK Desktop (Intel Core i5, 12 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD) Pre-Loaded with Windows 10

  1. Goldengate says:

    A workhorse that is blazing fast once initial desktop items are loaded. Shop around – this one goes on sale! I just bought one of these machines and liked it enough that I bought a second one for our house. I bought it from the “big blue electronics store with the yellow sign” that rhymes with “Test Try” and it’s usually on sale for either 549 dollars (best) or 579 so shop around.This won’t be a review of Windows 10- though it works very well on this machine and discovery / installation of printers etc was immediate and seamless. One issue I did have with both machines I bought is during the initial setup before updates are downloaded, the screen started flashing rainbow colors and I couldn’t see anything except the colors. With one machine I simply shut down and rebooted, and it then worked from then on, presumably after it loaded some updated video drivers, but with the other machine I was still in the middle of initial login account setup and turning off the machine actually crashed windows… I had to restore from a recovery disk I had created on the other…

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