Equipped with the latest Intel processor, the Lenovo C20 is a slim and stylish All-In-One that combines performance , convenience and advanced features .

3 thoughts on “Lenovo C20 F0B3005BUS 19.5-Inch Desktop (AMD E1-7010 (2C, 1.5GHz, 1MB, 1333MHz),4GB, 500GB 7200 rpm,Windows 10 Home 64), Black

  1. John says:

    Buy this PC! This was purchased for my father in law when his older PC’s integrated video processor overheated and destroyed the motherboard. He only uses it for basic internet and YouTube, and a few other small actions, ones that do not require a lot of processing power or storage, and this PC is more than enough.While setting it up i did some benchmark testing on it to see if it would be what he needs and found it to be surprisingly versatile. First off, the processor in this model is very fast and adaptable. I had no problem at all running several applications and watching video at the same time. It was also very fast at start up and when starting and loading applications and software, so the 4 GB of RAM is clearly sufficient and used by system resources well.The bottom line is, if you are a gamer or into heavy video processing this probably isn’t for you, although it fairs very well compared to like priced computers. However, if you are just an average day-to-day user…

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